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Over the last few weeks, companies around the world have closed their doors, hung the curtain on their production and - if possible - sent their employees to work from home. 

Apart from the significant personal challenges and grief brought on by the crisis - the situation has presented numerous and fundamental challenges for businesses and professionals who are searching for a way to support business continuity under completely unprecedented circumstances.

In this webinar, we discuss 5 steps to help organizations manage operations during and after Covid-19.  To identify and create a new normal and prepare for the next normal - all while effectively engaging with employees, customers, and suppliers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to address common, immediate challenges impacting your workforce, technology and business partners
  • Practical steps you can take to prepare for your business' return to scale
  • How technology can help you re-imagine your business processes and reform your operations in the short-mid term 




Dave Jones
VP of Marketing at AODocs

Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Founder of Deep Analysis

Chris Walker
Principal at PHIGs Information Management Consulting Inc.

Steve Weissman
Senior Project Manager & IG Expert at Valora Technologies



Rich Lauwers 
Compliance Principle at AODocs

45 min

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