Document Management for Legal

From e-signature workflows to reducing legal risk—the most secure and reliable way to work together on legal documents. AODocs helps law firms safely manage their sensitive information.

Streamline the way you create, send, and sign contracts

Use our DocuSign integration to automate the approval and signature processes for all of your legal documents, making sure that everything is signed quickly while also keeping your files secure. You can also get notification emails straight to your inbox when it’s time to renew or revise a contract.

Automate records management and ensure compliance

Set up detailed retention rules, prevent business records from being modified or removed during their retention period, and automatically delete records when they reach their disposal date.

Protect sensitive legal documents

Tag confidential information and take control of access permissions to ensure that critical documents don’t get accidentally shared or deleted.

Evan Tait-Styles

CTO, LegalVision

"With AODocs, our lawyers can access their files from wherever they need to, and not worry about syncing back to the server or uploading the latest version,” Evan said. “If we relied on them to download each file they needed, edit it, and remember to upload it back to the correct location, they wouldn’t do it."

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