AODocs Integrations

AODocs Works with Your Favorite Tools

Content is the backbone of every enterprise. Whether it be document management systems, messaging platforms, or sales solutions, your business uses multiple tools every day. Make sure that your content can flow between them. With AODocs integrations, you can securely connect all of your content and files from Google Drive with your favorite sales, productivity, security, and collaboration tools.

When you keep your teams connected with their content, they’ll show you what they can really do.

Awesome Table

Turn your Google Sheets into easy-to-read apps that you can display on your website.

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Get contracts signed faster by combining AODoc's powerful workflow features with DocuSign’s secure e-signature solution.

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Turn your content into business data that you can actually use with AODocs and PSIGEN.

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Sign contracts faster, easily manage customer accounts, and keep client information secure with AODocs and Salesforce.

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Duo from Cisco

Meet 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature compliance requirements with two-factor authentication from AODocs and Duo.

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Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search helps you find your content, answers your questions, and gives you helpful suggestions that allow you to work more efficiently.

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Google Cloud Vision

Keep your sensitive data safe with AODocs and Google Cloud Vision's automatic text detection and security permissions.

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Digitize your files, organize documents, and automate your content management processes with AODocs and KnowledgeLake.

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Access and update ERP data from SAP's powerful enterprise planning tools in AODocs' secure, user-friendly interface.

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Keep your documents safe with end-to-end HIPPA, FERPA, and CJIS compliant file encryption from AODocs and Virtru.

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Workplace by Facebook

Display rich previews, manage document visibility, and start a workflow in AODocs from a post in Workplace by Facebook.

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AODocs connects with popular solutions like Salesforce, Workplace by Facebook, Virtu, DocuSign, Adobe eSign, Duo, and many more. AODocs integrations let you do everything from signing a change request using a Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signature to automatically creating an incident report in a Google Doc from a post in Workplace by Facebook.

More collaboration, better productivity

AODocs and G Suite are already some of the most user-friendly, collaborative content platforms out there. Why would you want your teams using anything else to store and share their content? Make sure that they don’t have to. With AODocs integrations, it’s easy to keep all your content accessible. No need to go from tool to tool in search of a file or to spend time figuring out how to share and edit on a document. Your teams will be able to store and work together on all their content in AODocs.

All your content in one place

Avoid having your content scattered over dozens of tools. AODocs integrations ensure that all your teams have access to all the files that they need in one place. Remove the hassle of duplicate files, old document versions, and unnecessary back-and-forth while letting your employees get their work done on a single, intuitive content platform. No matter the file format, your teams will be able to find all their content in their AODocs account.

Shine a light on shadow IT

Many ERP and CRM systems are great at what they do. However, these solutions can struggle with storing and managing content. When users are stuck with a tool that doesn’t work like they want, they find their own creative ways to make things happen. Sometimes, that involves using their own personal file sharing accounts. Don’t force your teams to use unsecure workarounds. With AODocs integrations, your employees can store all their content from popular tools, like Salesforce and SAP, in AODocs’ user-friendly content management platform. Make your teams’ lives easier and keep your sensitive business files secure. Talk about a win-win.

Keep content secure

Security isn’t optional, especially when it comes to your business data. The more tools that you use, the bigger the risk that you have of falling victim to a data breach. Save yourself the stress. Keep all your content safe and centralized within AODocs instead. With multiple security certifications and industry-leading security practices, you can trust AODocs and Google Drive to keep your content secure.

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