Smartbar 3.5 Release notes

Geoffrey DoucyGeoffrey Doucy | October 25, 2015

Dear AODocs users,

These release notes document all the new features, improvement and bug fix included in the new AODocs Smartbar version 3.5.


New features

New Help menu

For all Smartbar users, there is a new Help menu with several actions:

Image 1

Create a Team Folders library from Google Drive

Users allowed to create libraries now have two ways to create Team Folders libraries directly from the Google Drive interface. Users not allowed to create libraries won’t see any change.

First, they can create an empty library from the library picker.

Image 2

Second, they can create a Team Folder from an existing Drive folder, using the “Import to AODocs” button.

Image 3



Users can easily identify the library types with two new icons

Image 5 for Team Folders libraries

Image 6 for Secured Folders libraries

Image 7

Bug fix

Only Super-administrators can see the “Domain Settings” button.

Webdav client

Few weeks ago we have released a new Webdav client to support more document types in a near future (MS Visio, MS Project, …). If your users have already updated their Webdav client you can stop reading. If not, please read the following warning.

You can still use the previous client version with the Smartbar 3.5, but your users will be prompted to update their Webdav client the first time they try to edit an Office file after the update of the Smartbar.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.37.03

Please, do not forget to upgrade the Webdav client of your end users in the near future. The previous version of the client will no longer be supported from Smartbar release 3.7. Read this article for information about deploying this new version in a smooth and easy way.


We wish you the best experience with AODocs and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have at!

The AODocs team

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