SAP Workflows How to Simplify Your Approval Processes & More
Posted by Evelyn Frederickson ● 7/11/18 7:10 AM

SAP Workflows: How to Simplify Your Approval Processes & More

The AODocs and SAP integration is a big win for Fortune 500 Clients. Thanks to strategic partner, GreenSharp, the AODocs and SAP connector adds cross-departmental value for large organizations.

SAP is a leading ERP but its core expertise is the transactional core. With SAP, users often have a hard time interacting directly with the back office ERP modules. SAP’s complex UI also requires a lot of specialized training.

AODocs, a powerful document management software built specifically for the Google Workspace, integrates with legacy systems including SAP. The seamless integration leverages automatic document capture from SAP to AODocs to improve process efficiencies.

GreenSharp recognized the strategic and tactical advantages of integrating the new-age convenience of the Google Workspace without compromising the integrity of long established SAP programs.

Thanks to the integration with AODocs, users can interact with a Google-simple user interface to access and update their ERP data, while benefiting from all the data consistency and transactional features of the ERP back office behind the scenes.

The innovative solution manages migration costs and eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming training efforts. By supporting both IT requirements and user preferences, companies are also able to get rid of shadow IT.

With the AODocs integration, companies can automatically deliver any type of file coming from SAP and non-SAP systems to their AODocs libraries and Google Drive. For example, AP supplier invoice PDF files, Microsoft Excel reports, timesheets, PM work orders, and other business-critical content can transition seamlessly from the IT backend to the user-friendly interface.

The collaboration can have a broad organizational impact as it addresses common pain points including:

  • Automated information delivery eliminates manual search and retrieval processes
  • Enhanced user experience maximizes collaboration capabilities
  • Metadata enrichment for any type of SAP ECC business objects (customer, employee, sales order, invoice, etc.)
  • Records management and retention
    • Controlled permission settings by audience type
    • Compliant retention practices baked in ensure always up-to-date data
    • Eliminate data redundancy
    • Internal policy compliance

“I am totally satisfied with this solution. The quick enablement project fulfilled all of our expectations and beyond. My Team now saves a lot of time because any manual pull activity is no longer required. Data is fresh and immediately available in the morning - at the beginning of each working day - so we can promptly react to business needs.

Decentralized Team members (i.e. working in remote locations) can also benefit from the same solution, which allows them to be independent and proactive. Files, reports and data are always accessible in the same easy way, with a user interface everyone is familiar with, be that the AODocs UI or Google Drive.” - Fortune 500 Service Planning Manager

Companies using SAP that strive for innovation and digital transformation must consider this solution. AODocs’ integration with SAP empowers companies of all sizes to embrace enterprise technology transformation from a user-first perspective.

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