Document Management System for Google Workspace

A single platform to create, share and manage your content

Whether you're creating marketing collateral, processing invoices, handling contracts, or working with any other type of digital content, AODocs empowers your document management needs. All within Google Drive and Workspace.

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Turn Google Workspace Into Your Workplace

For all of its capabilities, Google Workspace lacks the document management, BPM, version control, compliance, and permissions features that businesses and organizations need to succeed.

This is where AODocs comes in.

AODocs is the only business process management platform designed specifically for Google Drive and Workspace.  

Create a Digital Workplace
Control the Chaos

Control Compliance - Automatically

Document permissions and access compliance doesn't have to be a logistical challenge. AODocs seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace which allows your team members to work with the Google apps they've grown to love. Meanwhile, your team can create and enforce permissions as well as controlling access to files and folders all while automating tedious and repetitive tasks. 

Workflow and Business Process Automation for Google Workspace

Automate and streamline mission critical, content-driven processes across your organization. AODocs provides comprehensive process automation capabilities from simple content approval to complex business workflows — all built into Google Drive and Workspace.

Process Automation & Workflows
Custom Solutions for your Business Challenges

Custom Solutions for your Business Challenges

AODocs' low-code app development capability allows users to build solutions to meet specific requirements. No looking to code? Contact us to have our services team build your custom solution.



Rethink your Business Applications


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We can talk about AODocs all day, but why not read what our friends at Gartner had to say about AODocs in the 2021 Magic Quadrant report.

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