A Document Management Platform built for people

Manage your documents and workflows, ensure compliance, and build business applications for

Protect your company

Keep legal exposure under control and ensure full compliance

Keep track of critical business information and operations, and make internal and external audit processes simpler than ever.

Manage and secure your document lifecycle from creation to disposal with retention policies, version control, and more.

AODocs makes it easy for you to get your certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 13485 or other industry standards!

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Manage your business records

Implement retention and archival policies to comply with standards and regulations

Easily configure your document retention policies for each type of business record, and automatically delete records that have reached their end of life.

Protect business records by enforcing read-only permissions to prevent end users from accidentally altering them.

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Replace your legacy systems

Migrate documents to the cloud with AODocs

Save on infrastructure and administration costs by finally shutting down file servers and legacy systems like SharePoint, Lotus Notes, or OpenText for good.

Get advanced document management features with no end-user training and the same great experience you’re used to with Google Drive and other G Suite apps.

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Simplify your business processes

Operate more efficiently by providing your employees with easy to use business processes.

In just a few clicks you can configure a job interview process, a publication workflow for your operating procedures, or an incident reporting system.

Connect your workflows with your ERP or CRM to let your employees interact with back office systems through the AODocs user experience.

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Integrate with your business

Connect your information systems together into powerful business applications and keep your data consistent across all repositories.

Connect your document workflow with your ERP, CRM and PLM to ensure data consistency and trade your legacy back office screens for a simpler user experience.

Capture information posted in Facebook Workplace and other social media to trigger internal processes such as incident reports or HR requests.

Manage your legal documents, from creation, to review and e-signature, in a single workflow.

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Build custom business applications

Work faster by creating new business applications in just a few clicks

Make business applications that your users will love with a user friendly interface and a robust backend.

Implement your business workflow and data processing rules with the AODocs low code components, while providing human friendly forms, views, and reports.

Customize your applications by integrating with Google Forms, Facebook Workplace, mobile applications, and other internal systems.

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Rethink your business applications

Human friendly applications and workflows for every department.

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AODocs Recognized in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

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