Enterprise Collaboration on Google Drive

The power of Enterprise Document Management with the ease of use of Google Drive

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Secure your files

Google Drive makes it easy to share documents with other people – sometimes too easy. AODocs makes your confidential files more secure by preventing re-sharing of files and accidental public sharing.


Organize your shared folders

AODocs turns Google Drive into a corporate file server: a centrally-managed, consistent folder structure that all users can access directly from their My Drive home page, without asking the link from co-workers. But it’s still Google-easy to use!

Automate your processes

The AODocs workflow engine provides a simple configuration interface and powerful features to automate your business processes, document lifecycle, and connect your business applications together. In a few clicks you can configure a job interview process, an invoice approval flow, or a document retention policy. AODocs can also help you comply with regulations and industry standards such as ISO 9001.


Replace your legacy servers

AODocs offers all the features of Sharepoint Document Libraries and Lists, built on top of Google Drive. With our Sharepoint migration connector, you can easily import your Sharepoint content into AODocs, and preserve all the custom document properties, the document permissions, and even the full document history with previous versions. Check out our connectors page to see which other document management systems are supported by our migration connectors!