AODocs now manages more than 50 million documents

Clément Denis | July 1, 2016

<Update April 27th, 2017> Less than 10 months later, we are proud to announce that the 100 million-nth document has been added last night! AODocs keeps growing with 800 companies using our platform and more and more features to offer.

At AODocs we monitor closely a large number of indicators, and we are very excited to announce that the number of documents managed by our platform has just crossed the 50 million line. In fact, the growth rate of the number of documents is also increasing, and currently our customers are adding more than 3 documents per second.


nb document chart blog post

Number of documents in the AODocs platform: the 50 million mark has been hit on June 24th 

We see a similar growth in the active users as well, with their number having increased by 2.5x in the last 9 months. And we should sign up our 600th customer very soon, probably next week. We don’t talk too much about performance and reliability in our AODocs release notes, but these two topics have been and will ever be the top priority of our engineering team. Keeping up with the usage growth requires hard work, and we are constantly improving the platform to not only deal with the workload increase on the application, but we even increase the performance as we move forward.

So far we have released 38 versions of  AODocs, and each time we have been able to make all the required infrastructure changes without ever interrupting the AODocs service for “maintenance”. We are very proud of it, and also proud to say that with our continuous efforts on product testing and documentation, the number of support tickets opened by our customers remains almost stable, despite the huge increase of activity.

We are all very excited to see more and more organizations trust AODocs with their documents, and my team remains committed to providing them with a 24/7 service, with the best possible performance and all the features they need to run their businesses.


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