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Salesforce Connector for AODocs and Google Drive

Connect Salesforce with AODocs and get more done

The Salesforce Connector gives your sales team easy access to the content that they need to close deals faster. No more duplicate documents. Fewer mistakes. With the Salesforce Connector, the content that you see in Salesforce is the same content that is in AODocs and Google Drive. Your sales team will be able to easily work together on the files that they need to help them to close deals quicker.

Easy access to all your sales content

Say “goodbye” to tracking down important client documents. With the Salesforce Connector, you can preview, distribute, and manage important sales documents, like scope of work forms, purchase orders, and quotes, from AODocs in Salesforce. Get your sales documents completed quickly so you can turn prospects into clients.

Use workflows to close deals faster

Use AODocs workflows to accelerate your sales document and contract approval processes. With AODocs’ workflows, your contracts will be automatically forwarded to the right people for review and approval. Using our eSign integration, you can get your contracts signed and approved in days, not weeks.

Easily find your sales content

Finding files with Salesforce isn’t always easy. Exporting client files is challenging, not to mention risky, and searching for files can be time-consuming. The Salesforce Connector allows you to transfer document metadata between Salesforce and AODocs. With document metadata, you can simply use the G Suite search tool to find important sales files or open the client’s Salesforce contact profile to view all of their related documents.

Centralize important customer content

Now, you’re able to centralize important customer files, like non-disclosure agreements, terms of service, and current contracts, in AODocs without needing to worry about storage limits. By centralizing content in AODocs, there’s no need for duplicate documents. Everything is in one place. You’re also able to add retention policies that automatically delete customer information at the right time.

Control who has access

By putting your sales documents in AODocs, you’re able to manage access permissions to your most important client files. You can give users access to the documents that they need to review without needing to provide them with access to sensitive prospective client or customer data.

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How does it work?

The Salesforce Connector can help sales teams from any industry. Take a company that makes custom windows. To understand the kind of windows that they need to build, the sales team meets with clients to photograph the window opening.

Since each client project is unique, the sales team needs to ensure that the photographs that they take are associated with the correct customer. Previously, that meant uploading them to the client’s profile in Salesforce. In order for the workers in the manufacturing shop to access the photographs, each of them needed to be a Salesforce user. In doing so, they also had access to confidential client information.

With the Salesforce Connector, these concerns are no longer an issue. Now, the sales team can upload the photos to AODocs. By tagging them with document metadata, they are automatically associated with the customer on Salesforce. On the other side, production staff can access the photos using Google Drive, a tool that they already know how to use, without having unnecessary access to sensitive customer information.

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