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FileNet End-of-Support and Your Next Move

If your company still uses FileNet, you might be exposed to various risks. The on-premise version reached its end-of-life in April 2024.

How do you avoid cybersecurity and compliance risks as IBM stopped supporting software updates or security patches for FileNet?

There is a better way forward: A seamless migration to AODocs, the faster, easier and more powerful alternative. Benefit from automatic updates and upgrades and unleash true SaaS business-critical document management. With an agile cloud platform and trusted AI, your team can easily control, process, and apply AI to hundreds of millions of documents.

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FileNet End of Support

The risks

IBM has made changes to how they release and support their ECM (Enterprise Content Management) products, like FileNet P8. They now have a Continuous Delivery (CD) policy, meaning they release updates more frequently, about every six months. These updates include fixes for bugs and security issues. 

There's also a Long Term Support Release (LTSR), which gets updates for at least three years. If you were on FileNet Content Navigator, Datacap, or Business Automation Workflow before a December 2023 LTSR release you no longer receive any security or defect fixes after April of 2023.

  • If you didn't upgrade your FileNet system, you can't get any more fixes after April 2023. 
  • You can still get help from IBM for existing issues, but they won't alert you about new problems or fix them. 

This risks leaving your system vulnerable to attacks. Even if your system seems fine, it's important to stay up to date, especially if your system contains sensitive information.


Your next move

What to Consider

When deciding which version to upgrade to, consider your infrastructure, like hardware and operating systems, and whether you want to move to the cloud or use containers. Planning for upgrades and potential moves can take time, so you need to start right now. 

Should you move FileNet Content Manager and other products to IBM’s Cloud Pak?

  • You could embark on a lengthy complicated procedure that requires in-depth knowledge of your data and admin-level expertise. 
  • Switching to FileNet Cloud Pak may be more challenging than it sounds, as you will need to undertake a full migration project. 
  • An upgrade might require additional license fees, adding to your direct and indirect migration costs.
  • Also, this version of the product does not support all the features the legacy on-premises versions could provide.


A better alternative

As your business environment evolves and accelerates, so should your ECM. Fortune 500 companies and large international organizations have replaced FileNet with AODocs, which has a team with years of migration projects experience.

Our scalable, risk-free, and seamless migration tools can handle tens of millions of documents, bringing along their metadata, permissions, traceable version history and many more features.

From this moment on, you can focus on your business and clients thanks to automatic updates and upgrades.

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