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Project Bionic

Project Bionic began in 2009 with a mission to help brands meet the new opportunities of social media marketing. With document collaboration at the core of their business, Project Bionic needed a way to centralize and manage their Google Drive files.




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The agency is comprised of writers, designers, photographers, videographers, media placers, analysts, and community managers. Project Bionic brings together the expertise necessary to create a successful social media presence that drives results and meets companies’ business objectives.


  • With document collaboration at the core of their business, Project Bionic needed a way to securely centralize and manage their Google Drive files and folders and make them automatically accessible to the team.
  • Their challenge was finding a solution that would allow them to continue using Google Drive while adding the extra layer of control, security, and structure that they needed to create and execute full-service social media plans for their clients.


  • Bring structure to Google Drive
  • Automate file sharing and file retention
  • Centralize ownership for added security

Leif Espelund

Director of Marketing & Analytics at Project Bionic

“Our priority is making sure that the tools we choose work for our distributed team and, just as importantly, for our clients. We don’t have a physical infrastructure - we really are a cloud-based business. We look for the right tools for the job and try to avoid an one-size-fits-all mindset.”


The Project Bionic team looked to AODocs to create an organized folder structure and bring centralized file ownership to their corporate Google Drive account, keeping all of their business processes within one solution.

With AODocs Team Folders, they’re now able to automatically share files and folders at the individual or company level instead of manually sharing with each person. Files originally owned by individuals were turned over to a single corporate owner to prevent oversharing, accidental file deletion, and to keep track of document revisions.

Using the AODocs Universal File Opener (UFO), they can better manage the various document and file types used by their clients. UFO turns Google Drive into a place where they can store and edit files in any format (including Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, and other design file formats) and work securely within Drive without relying on other file storage systems.


“We recently had an employee move to a different city and her working remotely has been a seamless process thanks to AODocs. We plan to expand our services nationally and I’m confident that we’ll be able to do that now that we have this system in place” says Leif Espelund, Director of Marketing & Analytics at Project Bionic.

Now, employees know where their projects and files are supposed to go. If someone needs something, they don’t waste time trying to find it. As a result, AODocs has helped them significantly reduce the amount of email sent back and forth.

Project Bionic uses Google Drive and AODocs to keep files and folders in a single corporate Drive account, including the various files used by their clients. They were able to completely move away from their on-premise file server and bring all of their documents to the cloud without sacrificing the control, security, and structure that they need to do their best work.


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