Non-profit organizations face many of the same challenges that for-profit businesses face -- the increasingly important need for remote teams to share and collaborate on documents in real time.
However, one global non-profit dedicated to improving reproductive and maternal health worldwide had a bigger goal in mind – comprehensive digital transformation.

This organization supports programs in more than 150 countries that call for the realization of reproductive rights for all, and provisions access to a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services – including voluntary family planning, maternal health care, and comprehensive sexuality education.

Moving Away from a Paper-based, Manual Approach to Content Management

With approximately 6,000 employees and many of its 70+ office locations spread out across the globe, the initial need that led the non-profit to look for a content services platform (CSP) was to help the organization transition away from its manual paper-based approach for storing and managing documents and records. Many of their offices are in unstable areas, which often made it challenging to effectively manage their large volume of content. The organization also needed to streamline its workflows and processes, many of which were also conducted in a paper-based and manual manner.

In addition to deploying a CSP that would serve as the foundation for their global digital transformation initiative, the non-profit was also looking to standardize their IT stack on Google, so it was important that the chosen platform was part of the Google ecosystem.

Easy to Configure Low-Code Platform

This organization began working with AODocs in late 2016, and immediately began configuring the low code Content Services Platform for applications in several departments. The non-profit developed all their own libraries and configured their own workflows, and as a result they’re very self-sufficient in how they use the platform.

Today, AODocs is deployed across all of the non-profit organization’s global offices in 70+ countries around the world, and about 80 percent of the organization’s 6,000 employees are actively using the platform to access and manage vital documents and records.

AODocs Streamlines Content Management and Workflows for Finance, Operations, and HR

The non-profit created a library specifically for managing information and processes for finance and operations. One of the primary AODocs use cases is for orchestrating all aspects in which the organization works with independent contractors. For example, the finance department leverages AODocs for managing requests, SOWs, contracts, and invoices for all external consultants. In addition, all new supplier and contractor onboarding is handled via AODocs. The efficiencies achieved from the non-profit’s AODocs deployment has been instrumental in helping the organization reduce administrative costs and resources -- which translates to additional money and resources it can devote to serving those in need.

In addition, the non-profit also configured the platform for its HR department, and all certification requests are handled via AODocs. The organization also found AODocs to be instrumental in supporting its remote workforce during the outbreak of the COIVD-19 pandemic.

Digital Transformation is a Continuous Journey

The global non-profit is considering expanding its AODocs deployment to leverage the platform’s enhanced auto-recognition and classification capabilities for better management processes and to automate its account payable processes.

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