As the largest commercial and residential roofing company with over 15,000 employees and 180 manufacturing facilities and offices spread out across the world, the company was experiencing challenges in harmonizing records management and content management across the organization. The global roofing company was using Microsoft SharePoint, but the company realized it needed a different solution if it was going to truly modernize its IT environment and get all offices and manufacturing facilities on board using a centralized platform. 

Furthermore, the global roofing company has made several recent acquisitions and inherited the legacy IT solutions of each company it purchased. Assimilating the IT stack of each newly acquired company into the parent organization has presented additional headaches.

“Managing governance and proper records management was a challenge considering all of the siloed systems within our business. Nearly every location and department had their own systems for managing files and business-critical information,” said the executive director of governance and compliance. 

Moving from an On-Premises IT Framework to the Cloud

The leadership made a commitment to transition to a more innovative and modern approach to its IT environment. To help standardize IT across the enterprise, the decision was made to transition away from existing legacy systems that were predominantly on-premises to a Google-based cloud environment. 

“We wanted to move away from SharePoint and transition to Google -- and do so in a manner that enabled the company to enforce effective security, governance, and records management practices. For example, we needed to make sure we had control over files associated with our projects, and that we didn’t lose this information when people left our company. We needed a platform with strong collaboration capabilities along with an intuitive and easy to use interface to help ensure widespread user adoption across the company,” noted the executive director of governance and compliance.

Seamless Governance and Records Management with AODocs

The journey with AODocs started when IT leaders began looking for records management tools within the Google framework. As the company took a closer look at AODocs, it realized the content services platform had the robust retention and document lifecycle management capabilities it required.

“It was easy to configure AODocs to meet our records management and governance requirements, and in a manner that didn’t require our employees to be experts in this capacity. All related workflows and processes for managing the lifecycle of contracts, supplier documentation, and other vital records are baked into our configuration so users don’t even need to really think about it.” 

added the executive director of governance and compliance.

Low Code Platform Empowers Citizen Admins to Build Libraries for Managing Capital Expenditures

AODocs helps them manage risk for content management environments that involve a high level of collaboration on sensitive and confidential documentation and processes. The global roofing company configured the content services platform for managing capital expenditures and has also created libraries for financial reporting and new product development use cases.

“About 90 percent of the AODocs libraries have been built by our ‘citizen admins,’ which is a testament to what can be accomplished with the low code AODocs Platform.” 

added the executive director of governance and compliance. 


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