Founded in 1936, Euralis is a cooperative venture that includes over 5,000 employees and 12,000 farmers around the world who bring high-quality food to market, from seed selection and poultry rearing to harvesting and selling agricultural products.


In order to improve their document management infrastructure, Euralis decided to move to a modern solution. They researched all the major players, including IBM Lotus Quickplace and Microsoft SharePoint, but ultimately moved to Google Workspace and AODocs because they felt that the combination of the two platforms would help them move forward as a company better than the other options.


When Euralis chose the Google Workspace and AODocs solution, they did so with three key goals in mind:

  1. Move off of a legacy document management system and migrate existing content to Google Drive.
  2. Become ISO 9001 Compliant.
  3. Create custom workflows without help from the IT department.

AODocs worked with Euralis to customize an enhanced user experience and increase productivity by providing ready-to-use tools to easily migrate their existing content into Google Drive, including document libraries for human resources, quality control policies, and processes necessary for ISO 9001 compliance.


“The user interface of Google Drive and AODocs was easy to adopt, and we could tailor workflows and views in AODocs without requiring much help from the IT department,” said Ignacio Eceiza, Head of Global IT Projects at Euralis. “We were also convinced by the ease of migration, the improvement we’d see in quality compliance processes, and the opportunity to reduce our environmental impact.”

Using AODocs’ powerful workflow engine and SAP integration, Euralis transformed a formerly complex network of invoicing and purchase processes that needed multiple custom-built applications in their legacy IBM infrastructure into a simplified, paperless system. But, more importantly, AODocs gave the Euralis team the space and time to focus on their ultimate goal and core business: to feed the world.

“Our managers are often traveling and they love that they can approve the documents on their smartphones by simply reviewing notification emails and clicking on the approval links.”
Ignacio Eceiza Head of Global IT Projects at Euralis


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