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Ceva Animal Health is one of the world’s largest veterinary health companies with over 5000 employees and offices in 42 countries. As a leading pharmaceutical company, Ceva must comply with many regulations and, in most countries, its products must be approved by regulatory authorities before they can be distributed.




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  • “Registering a new product with the government can take up to three years with a large number of documents and a lot of back and forth,” said Decio Francini, IT Manager at Ceva Brazil. “Tracking the process via paper was too much work. We wanted to digitize everything.”


  • Go completely paperless and digitize the product registration process
  • Select a more modern document management solution to increase productivity
  • Reduce the number of costly human errors

Decio Francini

IT Manager at Ceva Brazil Impact

“AODocs has improved the productivity of the team by nearly 100% while also reducing the risk of costly human errors.”


In an effort to modernize their day-to-day operations, Ceva decided to use Google Drive to store their documents and chose AODocs to track all the steps of the registration process. “We still have to use paper when sending or receiving documents to or from the government,” explained Decio. “But as soon as a document is received by Ceva, it is scanned and stored in AODocs.”


Ceva relies on Google Drive and AODocs to increase their efficiency. The registration process for their products varies by country and involves many different types of documents like application forms, supporting documentation, government product licenses, and product packaging.

Thanks to AODocs’ ability to capture rich metadata, Ceva can tag each document by its type, properties, and expiration data. Whenever a document is updated (for example, the document has received an approval stamp from a government official), the new version is added to AODocs using AODocs’ version control.

“At any time, we have access to the full history of the document with all the changes that were made throughout the registration process,” said Decio. “And with Google Drive’s unlimited storage, we can keep as many versions as we want for as long as we need.”



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