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Arrow’s human resources team needed a user-friendly way to control vacation requests and other HR-related information for their distributed team of almost 300 salaried employees. With multiple reporting lines and structures within the organization, Arrow was looking for a centralized program that would help them operate in a controlled environment without sacrificing Google Drive’s flexibility.



“AODocs’ workflows, advanced security, monitoring, and report exports were a huge draw,” explained Larissa Pepper, HR Coordinator at Arrow. “We worked closely with the AODocs team to get our libraries set up. It was helpful to have two sides working together as we went through the brainstorming process,” said Larissa.


“Together with AODocs, we found a way to streamline our processes.”
Larissa Pepper, HR Coordinator at Arrow

For their vacation management library, Arrow set up an AODocs workflow to track and process requests and approvals between employees and their managers.
The workflow automatically assigns the appropriate manager as the approver of each request, and once a request is approved, AODocs sends notifications to the employee and their payroll department. Arrow also implemented a process to import bulk lists of new employees, making it easy to automatically update their database each year.

“We had a pretty large wish list and AODocs was able to hit it all. Everything was customized to fit exactly what we needed.”
Larissa Pepper, HR Coordinator at Arrow



Everything that was previously done manually now happens behind the scenes and is automatically tracked in an audit trail. Since setting up the process in their AODocs library, Arrow admins and end-users have a simple, secure, and transparent way to manage vacation requests and approvals in Google Drive with real-time data.


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