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Mission and vision

At AODocs, we believe it's possible to provide security and processes without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience. Our mission is to make companies operate safely and efficiently, in full compliance with regulation, through a human-friendly business application platform.

We strive to build tools that help people in every industry and in every job function work smarter—giving them a way to easily capture, organize, process, secure, publish, and access their documents and information in the cloud.

The team

Stéphane Donzé


Clément Denis


Dennis Leduc



AODocs was founded in 2012 by software veterans with decades of experience in enterprise search, natural language processing, document management, and PLM. After seeing the revolutionary collaboration features brought by Google Drive, they decided to use it as a foundation to build a new kind of business application platform that would allow companies to control their documents and build their processes while enjoying Google’s human friendly environment.

The first version of AODocs was publicly released in November 2012 and quickly grew to hundreds of customers—ranging from Whirlpool to the New York Times. In 2015, AODocs became one of the first Recommended Applications for G Suite, and in 2016, Google itself joined the list of AODocs customers. Today, AODocs is a patented technology with over two million users spanning across every continent in the world. We have offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, Paris, and Milan.

Whatever your industry or department is, AODocs has a solution built for you.

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