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The AODocs Quality Management System for Life Sciences is the only end-to-end QMS that combines innovative software and continuous validation with the intuitive Google Workspace user experience

Compliance Controls for Life Sciences

Compliance Controls for Content

Tightly integrated with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), AODocs makes it easy for Life Science organizations to manage documents, workflows, and assets, all while enforcing compliance without getting in the way.

Software Validation

Automate Software Validation

AODocs integrates with Google Drive and Workspace to provide a modern quality management solution. It works to address FDA and GxP compliance — making use of automated software validation to reduce costs and tedious manual processes.


Tools Your Teams Love

Change can be hard, especially when it comes to adopting new systems. Since AODocs is the only document management system built specifically for use with Google Workspace, your team is presented with interfaces and features that they've already mastered.

Document Creation Control

Have more control over the critical process documents that you rely on for your standard operating procedures, work instructions, and more. Do it all using the familiar collaboration tools found in Google Workspace, with apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Simplify Change Management

Seamlessly send documents through an FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11-compliant approval process and allow users to approve documents on their desktop or mobile apps.

Document Creation Control
Remove Validation Burdens

Say Goodbye to Manual Software Validation

Software validation with legacy systems takes a considerable amount of time, often taking days or even weeks to complete.

Remove those testing burdens with our continuous validation platform, powered by xLM.

Improve Your Audit Process

Store and track document metadata through the document lifecycle. Easily access all your request logs during compliance audits


The Cloud-Based, Continuous Validation Solution That Exceeds Your Quality Management Needs

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