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Create, collaborate on, approve and deploy your policies and procedures. Collect staff acknowledgment, and train your employees with AODocs.

Business Process and Document Management for Policies and Procedures

Organizations are often managing policies or the collection of staff acknowledgment manually with emails and spreadsheets. These companies are exposed to losing control over the various versions of policies and, ultimately, risk employees using and applying outdated instructions. Consequences range from simply wasting time and resources to being found liable and fined for non-compliance.

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A Centralized Repository

AODocs Policies and Procedures management tool can help you manage your policies and procedures in a centralized repository with advanced version control, document validation workflow, and tracking of acknowledgment.

AODocs handles everything from document creation, drafting, review, and approvals, all the way through to internal publication, acknowledgment collection, and post-publication management. This includes updates, revision approval and version management.


Company rules and procedures are the backbones of every department or business unit

Be it HR, legal, compliance, quality, manufacturing, supply chain, finance, procurement, or communication, streamlining and automating your policies and procedure management dramatically reduces time to publication, maximizes end-user adoption all while ensuring that only the right versions are published and approved from day one. Your teams will save time and effort on each step while acquiring total confidence in their compliance.


The only Policies and Procedures management tool made for Google Workspace, balancing collaboration and control

AODocs is built on top of Google Drive and leverages Google's real-time collaboration and user experience. AODocs becomes part of your Workspace environment and lets your teams collaborate in real-time to create or update their policies. Your teams are empowered to create, manage, and publish documents from a single system - no more copies and no more jarring interface changes. Your documents never leave your Google Drive: from creation to storage!

AODocs balances collaboration with control by allowing you to manage access permissions throughout the review, validation, and publication phases, to prevent documents from being modified after they have been approved and to ensure your employees only have read-only access to the most up-to-date approved versions. 


The AODocs solution will instill trust, knowing your policies are always up to date and in compliance.

Policies and Procedure Creation and Drafting

Real-Time Collaboration for  Faster Contract Turnaround

Collaborative Creation Process

Leverage Google’s real-time collaboration to easily create and update policies internally while managing permissions to edit throughout the validation workflow.

Change Request

Change Requests and Version Management

Manage change requests, keep track of your versions and ensure only the last version is published, abided by and acknowledged.



Automatically insert key information such as version name, validity date, approver, etc. into the header of your file. Ensure that printed documents only display information you deem critical.


Approval and Acknowledgment

Dynamic Approval Workflow

Dynamic Approval Workflow

Fast track reviews and approvals while minimizing risks by routing your policies and procedures to the right approvers based on policy type, regulations, or other business rules.

Transparency and Visibility In the Approval Process

Transparency and Visibility In the Approval Process

Always stay up to date: see the status of policies sent for approval, and learn whose approval is still outstanding.

Streamlined Acknowledgment Process 

Streamlined Acknowledgment Process 

Maximize employee engagement with a smooth acknowledgment process. Track the acknowledgment status and set up automatic follow-up emails.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Approve or acknowledge policies remotely at any time with the AODocs mobile application.

Policies Management

Policies Repository with Advanced Permissions

Policies Repository with Advanced Permissions

One centralized and secured cloud-based system of record that gives you visibility across all your policies and procedures, removes silos, and creates a single source of truth for staff to find up-to-date company policies, along with granular permissions and role-based user access.


Compliance Audit Trail

Keep track of any action performed on a policy -- from simply opening to changing, acknowledging, downloading, or printing, thanks to the AODocs compliance audit trail.

Automated Policies Lifecycle

Automated Policies Lifecycle

Automate your policies lifecycle by setting event or date-based triggers so that policies are reviewed or removed from publication when expired.

Dashboard and Reports

Dashboards and Reports

Custom dashboards and reports, coupled with alerts and email notifications, allow users to have a comprehensive, real-time centralized view of all policies and procedures, their approval state, and acknowledgment status.

Soft Delete and Retention

Soft Delete and Retention 

Activate “soft delete” to eliminate accidental deletion of policies or procedures. Easily set up retention, legal hold, and deletion policies across all of your selected procedures and other “sacred documents”.


Security and Compliance

AODocs runs on the Google Cloud Platform, leveraging its state-of-the-art security, reliability, and performance.
AODocs is SOC 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and HIPAA compliant.


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