DocuSign eSignatures

Get your AODocs documents signed faster.

Simplify your contract management processes

Get an all-in-one contract management solution that lets you instantly sign sales contracts, partnership agreements, and more. With AODocs and DocuSign, you can create customized business workflows that automate and digitize your document signing processes.

How it works


Use AODocs to internally review and approve your documents


DocuSign automatically sends the document to be signed online


The signed copy of your legally binding document is instantly saved in AODocs

Get your documents signed faster

Swap the couriers and phone calls for easy, instant esignatures. With DocuSign’s digital signature solution and AODocs’ customizable business processes, you can have your contracts and agreements signed in hours instead of days while still complying with industry regulations.

Instantly sign documents from the boardroom or the beach

The world has gone mobile; your esignature solution should do the same. With AODocs and DocuSign, you’re able to sign documents from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. No more waiting for contracts to come in the mail.

Streamline your business processes

Create a document, share it for internal review, and send it to be signed online with DocuSign using a single AODocs business process. After the document is signed, you can be sure that it will be secure in AODocs. You’ll also be reminded when it’s time to renew your contracts so you don’t need to worry about setting up reminders in your work calendar.

Simplify agreements with document bundles

Make signing agreements as efficient as the rest of your business. AODocs lets you create custom document bundles that can be sent all at once. Regardless of whether the documents are for a new employee, partner, or client, they all can be quickly signed in just a few clicks with DocuSign.

Remove the guesswork from contracts

Between coordinating the signing process and ensuring that the signed document isn’t lost, a lot can go wrong with your contracts. AODocs and DocuSign help remove the tiresome guesswork from your contract processes by making your contracts trackable. Now, you’ll always know what’s happening.

Make sure all contracts have an audit trail

AODocs and DocuSign let you track every step of the electronic signing process. From creation to the signed contract, you’ll have a complete log of who created, approved, and signed every document. Having this audit trail can be invaluable in the event of a contract dispute.

How can it help?

With AODocs and DocuSign, organizations can get contracts, agreements, and partnerships signed faster. Take Erin’s Accounting, an accounting firm that specializes in corporate accounting. Erin helps a lot of big companies manage their accounting processes. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of confidentiality agreements that need to be signed before Erin can get to work. In the past, that meant dozens of emails and scanned documents or making a trip to the company’s office to sign the agreements in person.

eSignatures have changed all that. Now, Erin manages all her contracts and agreements online with AODocs and DocuSign. Instead of driving across the city, Erin now simply creates the agreement in AODocs, sends it to herself and her client through DocuSign, clicks the signature field, types her name, and approves the auto-generated signature from the comfort of her office. Agreements are now signed in hours instead of days. That extra time lets Erin focus on her accounting work instead of dealing with administrative headaches.

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