Automate workflows for proposal creation, project management, and client communications with AODocs.

Automate Statements of Work and Proposals

Optimize SOW, Proposal Creation, and Approvals

Streamline how project proposals, statements of work, and project plans are created via customizable business process templates. AODocs allows you to close the project faster, and start billing sooner.

Professional Services Project Controls

Monitor and Control Projects in Real-Time

Real-time dashboards and reporting provide improved visibility into all aspects of a project. Gain insights into task management, resource allocation, and document control to enhance the productivity of your professional services teams. 

Mobile Workflow and Document Management from AODocs

Work Remotely with the AODocs Mobile App

No matter where you or your team members are stay up to date, view and edit documents, adjust workflows, and be alerted when needed. The AODocs Mobile App allows your team to be productive with any connected mobile device.

Templated Projects

Standardize and auto-generate engagement folders, templated contracts, and project plans from real-time metadata and content. Control access and visibility for your services teams - including external contractors and suppliers.

Streamline Client Communications

Whether it’s an RFP response, statement of work, project plan, or delivery schedule, AODocs makes it easy to automate document distribution to clients. Our integrations with DocuSign and Adobe Sign make it easy to get eSignatures on contracts, and other essential documents.

Automate service projects
Regulatory Compliance is Built Into AODOcs.

Mobile Ready for Remote Work

Distributed teams can be just as effective as those working in an office at your headquarters. AODocs is tightly integrated with Google Workspace. Since both are SaaS solutions your remote teams can have the same capabilities as the rest of your staff. 

The AODocs Mobile App expands on that by empowering your teams to be productive with any connected phone or tablet. 

Regulatory Compliance is Included

AODocs makes it easy to comply with any relevant industry guideline or government regulations. Version controls ensure that your project teams will always be working with the right version of a document. Embedded Meta Tags make it easy to retrieve documents for any project audits or agency inspections.  Finally, compliance is made simple with AODocs.

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