Automated invoice processing powered by Google Document AI. Increase productivity, reduce errors, and process payments faster with AODocs for Invoices.

Imagine how much more your Accounts Payable team can do when you free them from the time-consuming and error-prone manual entry of invoice data into your AP system. AODocs for Invoices makes it simple to process PDF invoice attachments directly from your inbox. 

Are you still getting paper invoices in the mail? No problem! Simply scan them and then leave the rest to us. It's really that kind of easy.

Free Your AP Team to Do More

AODocs for Invoices leverages Google’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and its form parser technology to perform text and character recognition. Its deep-learning neural network algorithms ensure exceptional accuracy

This means that your team not only saves time but reduces the number of human errors, allowing them to work on more meaningful priorities.

Automate Invoice Data Extraction

Automated Data Extraction

Once scanned or parsed, AODocs for Invoices goes to work using Google’s deep machine learning technology, the same technology used by Google’s search engine.

In AODocs for Invoices, Google’s machine learning works to make sense of unstructured data found in documents. That means you no longer have to map data to these fields manually.

Gain Visibility Into Spending

AODocs does more than simply extract data from an invoice. The AODocs Data Visualizer makes it easy to see spending displayed as easy to understand graphs and charts.

You can also see the payment terms of assorted invoices at a glance. This allows you to prioritize which vendor or supplier you need to pay first, while also identifying those that can wait. This serves to maximize cash on hand.

Visualize Spending Data
mobile app automated invoice processing

Workflows Automate Approvals and Tasks, Even with a Mobile Device

Extracting data with AODocs for Invoices is just the start. Increase efficiencies by creating workflows to automate approvals or other required tasks. Do it all with the freedom to work from any connected mobile device.

Once implemented, workflows route invoices to the person, with email alerts and reminders sent to speed the approval process. Emails readily display captured invoice data, while also delivering a copy of the invoice as a PDF attachment.

Work can be started on a desktop or laptop, then it can be worked on or completed with any connected mobile phone or tablet.

Testimonial: Distributors Corporation of America

“Switching to AODocs for Invoices powered by Google Document AI has been a game-changer for Distributors Corporation of America."

"With our previous solution, we had to develop maps for OCR for all of our different invoices. AODocs for Invoices makes short work of that. Now we’re able to capture invoice data with automation. Even better, we no longer have to spend the time doing this manually. On top of that, we are also greatly reducing the human and keypunch errors that are inherent with manual data entry.” - Jeff Blackwell, IT Manager, Distributors Corporation of America.

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