Senior Product Manager for AODocs QMS

Location:Europe (Offices in Paris or Milan, or remote)

Effective Date: Now

AODocs is a software company created in 2012 that makes a Content Services SaaS platform. It is included by Gartner (in its Magic Quadrant) and Forrester (in its Wave) as one of the top and most innovative players in the content services space, among a sea of very old non-cloud competitors like IBM Filenet and OpenText that are approaching end of life and thus setting us for a large growth opportunity. 


Our product is used by over 500 large organizations such as PwC, Colgate, Whirlpool, Solvay, Air Liquide, and Google itself to control their sensitive documents and automate critical business processes. Our client’s main use cases are  case management, contract lifecycle, quality management, SOP management. We are specifically seeing a lot of traction in the legal and quality management verticals.


We are based in Paris, Atlanta, Milan and San Francisco. Our team is over 100 strong, composed of highly motivated and competent people. We believe that good ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their formal job role.


The position

We are looking for a solid and experienced Senior Product Manager to help us create a packaged vertical solution for Quality Management, with multiple modules such as Document Control, CAPA, Audit, Suppliers Management, etc, leveraging the strong existing customer base who is already using the AODocs platform for these use cases.


Here’s a few reasons why it’s interesting to take that job:

  • Our addressable market just got multiplied by 20 as AODocs - which was originally made for Google Workspace only - just became compatible with Microsoft Office.As a system of records and a business processes platform, AODocs runs mission critical applications ranging from contracts management to quality control, standard operating procedures, capex investment requests, suppliers management, engineering design documents, regulatory compliance, etc. 
  • Our product runs at the heart of the business of multi-billion dollar companies! AODocs has proven its enterprise-grade execution and service capabilities with successful deployments at very large enterprise customers, including large manufacturing and life sciences companies using it for ISO 9001, FDA or GMP related processes. 
  • Our market is dominated by pre-cloud players burdened by decades of technical debt. We are the only platform that has been built from scratch on a modern, serverless, API first, agile technical stack, and as such we are ready to disrupt the traditional products. We like to "think different"!


Your impact will be highly felt inside and outside the company. You will help drive us in new directions, see things we haven’t seen before, consider things we’ve never considered before, and bring fresh perspective to our team. 


Core responsibilities:


  • Help us define the quality vertical. You will be in touch with customers and prospects to collect their needs and help us synthetize a vision of what our tool could be.
  • Position us on the competition map. How do we compare to them ? What are the must haves we are missing ? Where are we the best and how do we capitalize on that ?
  • Organize the global roadmap to achieve a first version encompassing the product (software) itself, its marketing and sales strategy and the organization of people to make it a success.
  • Start building the “quality team” to put the product in the best configuration for market conquest. The quality vertical would progressively structure itself as “an autonomous entity” with its own priorities and goals. 
  • If everything goes according to the plan, become the “face of the product”, owning it and carrying it to new heights. At AODocs we are good at intrapreneurship, as we speak we are pushing hard for the success of AOLegal. We will be very happy to make AOQuality our new spin off under your guidance.


Most of those describe you:


  • In your opinion traceability and accountability must drive any serious company. You know software and automation are game changers to achieve this. You don’t shy out when it comes to unraveling an organization's processes so they can be represented in a digital tool that will drive the company.
  • You understand norms, regulations and compliances to design a useful packaged business vertical. Nevertheless you have in mind that organizations are different and diverse. You are comfortable building something that can adapt to the diversity of contexts our product will encounter.
  • Administrator and compliance engineers should have powerful tools. End users must not face complex ones. You consider all those different actors and requirements in your plan.
  • You are aware that an intrinsic part of your product is its deployment strategy and the ways by which it will be introduced to the end users and hopefully adopted by them.
  • You’re a problem solver at heart and you love getting to the bottom of things. You are very logical and detail oriented.
  • You know how to make choices. You can explain them clearly with supporting data. You are at ease to share your thoughts in writing.
  • You are able to put yourself in the shoes of the customer: ideally, you have "been" the customer, working in a quality team or as a quality consultant
  • You enjoy talking to customers, and you are not afraid of getting negative feedback
  • Ideally, you have some leadership experience




  • Experience: 5+ years of experience in a product management at an enterprise software company that had product market fit (lots of customers), preferably a SaaS
  • Domain expertise in quality management, safety management and/or related areas
  • Bonus points: quality-related certifications, for example Six Sigma