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The Bonduelle Group moved to Google Apps in early 2013 to offer collaborative and harmonized tools to all their employees. A few months after deploying Google Apps (now G Suite), the decision was made to look for a document management solution that would be used throughout the whole company.




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The IT department’s strategy was to offer a complete cloud solution to their business users but, at that time, a large amount of legacy information was managed in different platforms, specifically in Lotus Notes databases and a content management system called Plone. A few months after the deploying Google Apps, the decision was made to look for a document management solution that would be used throughout the entire company.

Bonduelle, A Sharing Culture

  • A family business that was founded in 1853, Bonduelle aims to help people live well with great vegetables. Their vegetables, which are grown on 128,000 hectares of farmland, are sold in 100 countries under different brands and through different channels. Featuring unique agro-industrial know-how with 57 agricultural production sites, Bonduelle produces food from the best growing regions around its customers. In 2014, 3,500 Bonduelle employees worldwide were using Google Apps.


  • The challenge for Bonduelle was to find a product that offered end users a point of entry through their Google account but, at the same time, also offered the possibility to manage and edit Microsoft Office documents.
  • “The possibility to let users choose between editing Google documents or historical Office documents was a major requirement in our search for a solution,” said M.C. Bouchery.
  • After looking and testing different products, AODocs was chosen by Bonduelle. A pilot was launched with their agricultural department. In addition, AODocs was also selected to manage the migration of their Plone and Lotus Notes databases.

Marie-Charlotte Bouchery

Chief Technology Officer of Bonduelle

“We focused our search on a solution that could be integrated into Google's platform. For us, it was natural to find a DMS that fit our strategy of offering a collaboration platform based on Google Apps.”


Users are confident in creating and accessing documents with AODocs, as they are sure that the appropriate permissions are applied to their documents. The key benefit to these users is to have real-time access to the latest information without losing any functionality.

Another appreciated feature is compatibility with Microsoft Office. Complex Excel documents that have been migrated are still editable in Microsoft Office. When saved, the latest version is instantaneously available in Google Drive and AODocs. According to David Cazals, it is still too early to share any quantitative gains but the qualitative benefits are real:

“Today, we have a global platform. In the morning, users can connect, at the same time, to Gmail, Google Drive, and AODocs. This provides real satisfaction to the users.”

Following the success of the first project, Bonduelle has started to migrate their Lotus Notes and Plone databases for 500 users to AODocs. Marie-Charlotte Bouchery can see a lot of different cases and opportunities to use AODocs in the future to create a more harmonized IT environment. One of these opportunities will be to close Lotus Notes and the file servers.


  • Business Process: With AODocs, Bonduelle has been able to optimize its business processes and centralize them on a single platform. They have also created new workflows that were not possible with their previous solutions.
  • Better Accessibility: Now, documents are secure and accessible everywhere. With G Suite and AODocs, the IT department has been able to develop its mobile offerings for the company’s employees. From the office to the field, information is always available.
  • Simple Transformation: Totally integrated in G Suite, transformation and change management was quick and easy after AODocs was implemented.

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