AODocs Product Updates | Release 51
Posted by David Jones ● 10/7/19 4:36 AM

AODocs Announces Launch of Release 51

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest, and potentially greatest, installment of the AODocs platform.

AODocs is the only document management solution built on and recommended by Google, and since our launch in 2012, we have been continually innovating and delivering enhancements to our platform and to our customers, such as Whirlpool, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the UK Cabinet Office.

With Release 51, we provide these customers with major enhancements in a number of exciting areas.

User Experience and Adoption

One of the biggest challenges faced by document management and content services providers over the years has been user adoption, or rather a lack of it.

AODocs is built using the intuitive and familiar Google Drive and G Suite interface, making user adoption incredibly easy. In addition, Release 51 enhances the user experience even further with streamlined content creation, simple tools to better structure document pages, and more. All of these collectively make AODocs one of the easiest tools to pick up and start using.

Increased Use Cases Out of the Box

Every industry has different language and terminology: legal calls something a case, HR calls it a file, IT calls it a folder. Setting up a new system with the structure and language (or taxonomy, to give it the technical term) for a specific organization and industry takes time and effort — or at least it did.

AODocs Release 51 improves document templates, validation rules, default attributes, and more — all designed to make it easier and faster to get up and running.

Fast Just Got Faster

Maybe it’s because we're techies or perhaps it’s our French heritage, but, either way, we keep wanting to make AODocs bigger, better, and faster. This continues for each release, and Release 51 sees major speed enhancements in many areas, including document page loading, which is now up to 3 times faster than in previous versions.  

And There’s More

These are just a few of the key enhancements that Release 51 has automatically delivered to all AODocs customers — but there are many more. For a more detailed breakdown of what Release 51 contains, take a look at our Release Notes, or if you really can’t get enough of AODocs, take a look at these two brief overview videos that explain even more. 

AODocs Release 51 - End-users

AODocs Release 51 - Library Administrators

The Best is Yet To Come

As soon as we deliver Release 51 we begin work on Release 52 (in fact, I’ll let you in on a secret — we’ve been working on it already!). Release 52 will ship in early 2020 and will have a theme that perfectly fits the start of a new decade. Expect more details over the coming months as we get closer to 2020, but in the meantime, enjoy Release 51.

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