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Posted by AODocs ● 10/11/21 3:15 PM

AODocs Announces Launch of Release 57

Release 57 focuses on improving the user experience for some of the most frequent tasks and extending the borders of AODocs through add-ons and integration with external tools.

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights, coming to you mid-October!

Enjoy a clearer "New" menu

Creating new documents is a daily task for many users. However, because of the creation panel’s current makeup and design, this task has at times proven inefficient resulting in a poor user experience.

We have taken your feedback into account and are delighted to announce that our creation panel has been revamped, providing you with a lean, straightforward and comfortable way to create your AODocs documents! The New menu is more compact and organized, so you can find the proper document template faster and with reduced risk of mistakes. 



This revamp is based on your feedback and is intended to improve your daily experience. To shape future enhancements, we’d love to hear even more from you via this quick (and anonymous) survey.

Benefit from an enhance browsing experience with revamped views (beta)

We’re continuing to rebuild the AODocs views from the ground up. This includes extensive enhancements and additional features. This is an ongoing task that is being spread over several releases, and the revamped page is currently available in beta version.

Thanks to your feedback, the R57 beta version brings you the ability to: 

  • browse by categories, workflow states and document classes in a navigation panel on the left of the document list
  • select documents and transfer or copy them to another library or to a user’s Google Drive (more on that below

Quickly copy documents between libraries

Duplicating a document within a library has been a readily available option for a long time. However, it was not as easy to copy a document to another library. This is now possible in a few clicks. Additionally, in the case of Team Folders and Secured Folders, it is also possible to copy a document to a user’s Google Drive. 

The transfer action is still only available to administrators. However, the copy action can be enabled for all document editors. This feature also works on folders and multiple items at once.

Ease navigation by reorganizing relations in the document page

To help ease navigation between related items, you can now decide where each individual relation to other documents is displayed in the document page.

A relation may be particularly meaningful in given situations. For example, if it’s the parent task of a sub-task, you can choose to display it at the very top of the screen, while leaving other relations (third parties, participants, and so on) in less prominent positions.

Easily compare two versions of a Word document

In this release, we expanded the capability to compare two versions of a Word attachment. As well as previewing the differences, you can save the comparison file as an attachment in a new version of your AODocs document, to make it your new working copy. From there, you can seamlessly accept/refuse/edit the differences  with your local Microsoft Word application or with the Google Docs editor.

Expand and integrate AODocs through custom action buttons

You can add new capabilities to your views by configuring custom action buttons. These buttons are shown to a chosen audience, with a custom name and icon, and pass the list of selected documents to a target URL which can be an external application. 

Use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • exporting data
  • reporting
  • scanning documents
  • triggering events in automation tools

These are just a few of the key enhancements that will be made available to customers with AODocs Release 57. Check out our Pre-release announcement for more details on these features.

What's Next?

The scope of features for the new views continues to expand! We’re continuing our work on integrating features from the standard version and adding new features. Coming soon: 

  • single and bulk actions on documents: move, delete, rename, edit properties, edit permissions
  • the New button to create documents

Do you want to deploy and manage complex use cases in AODocs in no more than three clicks? That’s the ambition of packaged and centralized actions that we are currently working on. They will let you:

  • take advantage of AODocs’ best-in-class extensions (such as Watermarking, AODocs Mail sender, eSign connector, and so on), deployed in a no-code fashion! 
  • browse and activate these extensions from a Marketplace  
  • seamlessly integrate them, in just a few clicks 

We’d like to say a big “Thank You” to our user community and beta program users. Your input is our inspiration and what makes each release better than the last. Please head over to our User Community and tell us a bit more about what you are looking for from future releases.

Onwards to Release 58!

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