A cloud content services platform designed to modernize financial services

Migrate to the Cloud with Ease

Retire legacy systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum or Filenet that are expensive to maintain, difficult to use and do not integrate to your modern business systems.

Modernize Processes

Digitize content-heavy processes like loan processing, claims management, wealth management, account onboarding, FOREX reporting, and operational risk management.

Financial Services
Financial Services

Know Your Customer

Provide a central, consistent and flexible solution to control all customer related information - and deliver this to all parts of the business as an information service.

Leverage AI

Incorporate AI based classification to automatically extract key information and data from business content.

Expand your ability to leverage modern rich-media content, such as video and audio files, for customer facing processes like claims management and onboarding.

Deliver Superior Privacy

Provide enhanced end-to-end data privacy for your customers via techniques such as encryption and secure transfers - even to external systems such as Salesforce.

Achieve FINRA and SEC compliance

Use AODocs to turn your information management systems into an SEC and FINRA compliant solution, putting immutable storage in place for your content and communications for full enterprise-grade traceability.

Financial Services

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