Legacy Replacement

It's time to give your most vital documents the platform they deserve. Meet AODocs, the only cloud-native SaaS ECM.

Fortune 500 companies use our agile platform and trusted AI to control business-critical documents. They have migrated seamlessly to speed up their business and remove hidden costs.

Google, Veolia and other leaders in auditing, energy, and aviation have successfully switched from FileNet, Documentum, Hyland, OnBase, Alfresco and SharePoint to AODocs.


They trust us

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For many companies, the cost of ownership is a reason to consider moving to a new solution. A lot of CIOs are looking at outsourcing and SaaS solutions. On top of that, many legacy systems expert users are retiring, and their skills might go away with them.

Finding the right information, it was weeks before, and then we weren’t sure of the quality, now it takes minutes… all of that now is done in seconds and you’re sure the taxonomy is right every time, you’re sure the files are right every time. Right there we turn a return on investment of millions of dollars

Complete document control

Control your engineering specifications, HR policies, audit reports and more
Ensure people always use the right version of the right document
Automate your document lifecycle, retention and disposition
Add full traceability to all your document processes

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Agile SaaS platform

Easily process content with AI to get reliable answers 
Benefit from automatic updates and upgrades so you can focus on clients and users
Integrate with your business applications without hassle
Quickly implement your document processes and adapt to your evolving business needs

Risk-free migration

Keep all pre-switch functions intact
Ensure business continuity  
Migrate any repository size - up to hundreds of millions of docs Work with any kind of documents, from Word to PDF to medical images and 3D files

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External Access

No more "rogue" copies in emails - Securely share the right version of your critical documents with your partners, customers and suppliers.

Involve external users in your document control processes with the same level of security and traceability as your internal team

Affordable and transparent costs

Eliminate hidden costs: Know how much and what you pay for from the get-go
No more infrastructure, support, system maintenance or costly upgrades
Single license fee covering all your needs

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How Google slashed data center costs by millions of dollars with AODocs knowledge management


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