AODocs Product Updates - Release 52
Posted by David Jones ● 3/16/20 6:13 AM

AODocs Announces Launch of Release 52

Release 52 increases vertical market support and lays the foundation for deeper AI-based content services

The AODocs team always gets excited around release launches because it means that we can give our customers improved tools and a better experience on our platform. And who doesn't love that? 

The launch of Release 52 is no different. Let's go ahead and take a look at what's new in AODocs with the latest release: wider market relevance, enhanced UX, and the foundations for future AI advancements. 

Advanced File Viewer

Each vertical industry and department has the need to view, store, manage, and share files specific to their business to perform their work activities. With AODocs Release 52, we’re increasing the range of file types that users can work with using the advanced file viewer: 

In addition to the inclusion of these advanced file formats on the AODocs platform, users across all industries can work with a significantly enhanced email viewer that offers comprehensive search functionality.

Enhanced User Experience

AODocs is all about greater control for the end user, in an always friendly, always intuitive user interface. With Release 52, AODocs business users will benefit from:

  • A revamped document history view designed to provide deeper insight on document changes.
  • Enhanced workflow reminders to increase productivity.
  • The ability to view more than two columns in the document editor, a first step toward more customization of the document form (yes, we know; you are jumping with joy!)

Building Blocks for an AI-Powered Future

They say, “A certain kind of magic is born when the curtain rises,” but they perhaps didn’t account for the blood, sweat, tears, logic, and lines of code that go into making that magic happen without a hitch! 

AODocs Release 52 is packed with a significant number of behind-the-scenes improvements and capabilities designed to “let the magic happen” from Release 53 onward. 

These enhancements, while not visible to the end user as of now, offer a glimpse into the AODocs roadmap and include deeper integrations to the Google document APIs, webhooks support, extended calculated properties capabilities, and last but not least: the development of underlying components that will enable future artificial intelligence capabilities.

For More Information

These are just a few of the key enhancements that Release 52 has automatically delivered to all AODocs customers — but there are many more.

For a more detailed breakdown of Release 52, check out our Release Notes or our highlight video below to see these features in action.

What’s Next?

We’re constantly in communication with our User Community, working to deliver the latest and greatest features as requested by YOU!

Release 53 is scheduled for mid-2020, but if you have a pressing feature request or want to share an idea on how we can improve your work experience with AODocs (sorry, we are not currently authorized to grant you endless paid vacation!), we invite you to share your AODocs feature request on our User Community!

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