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Posted by AODocs ● 3/30/22 9:45 AM

AODocs Announces Launch of Release 59

Release 59 continues the work on improving support for Microsoft users, whilst enhancing the user experience and interface, and never compromising on security.

At AODocs, we continuously aim to support your needs in terms of content management, organization growth, and security. Release 59 is no exception, with an even more advanced redesign of the view page, support for groups of Microsoft users, and new sharing restrictions. 

Let’s take a look at the highlights, coming to you on 30 and 31  March!

Revamped views bring powerful document browsing to your fingertips

We’ve been revamping AODocs views from the ground up over the past months. 

Release 59 provides you with all the key features required to manage your documents directly from the view page: preview, open locally, open in Google Drive and download attachments.


You’ll be able to move your documents in bulk between folders, easily manage your folders (create, rename, move, edit permissions and delete), and even perform workflow actions. Of course, these features come with an entirely rethought user experience, bringing increased efficiency to your end users.


Although still in beta version, you can set the new views as the default for your organization.

Increased awareness of your data visibility

Sharing documents is easy – it’s the cornerstone of collaboration. But sometimes it might be too easy to share data to a large audience. 

Imagine you host sensitive data, such as employee records, or highly confidential project documentation in your AODocs library. What if, while configuring the permissions, you inadvertently shared it with your whole company? In this case you’d certainly wish you had received a warning beforehand… 

At AODocs, security is at the top of our mind. From Release 59 onwards, library administrators will be warned when trying to share a library widely.


Warning about security issues is good. Preventing them from happening is even better.  That’s why we went a step further, providing super administrators with the ability to completely prevent wide sharing in individual highly confidential libraries or in all the libraries on your domain.


Collaborate with Microsoft peers even more seamlessly

Since Release 58, in domains with an active AODocs Content Services subscription, users with a Microsoft account can sign in to AODocs and use all its features in full. 

Let’s say that you’re a Google user and for one of your projects, you’re partnering with dozens of external Microsoft users who may be consultants, contractors, or colleagues from a subsidiary with different IT systems. 

To collaborate with these Microsoft users, you currently have to add them one by one to your AODocs project permissions… It goes without saying that this can be quite a burden, especially when your team keeps growing! Additionally, when people join or leave the crew over time, you have to manually maintain the permissions in AODocs. 

To remove this administrative headache, Release 59 makes it possible to configure AODocs permissions using Google Groups containing Microsoft users. This means you only have to add a single Google Group to your permissions, so you can keep your focus on business value-added tasks: your Microsoft partners will be granted seamless access to your resources!

For more information

These are just a few of the key enhancements that will be made available to customers with AODocs Release 59. 

Check out our complete Release Notes for Release 59 for more information.View the full release notes

What's Next?

As we keep our foot on the gas in preparation for Release 60, we would like to take a step back to warmly thank our community of users, for their invaluable feedback! Better serving your needs is our major concern, and hearing from you is the best way to shape the next improvements of AODocs. 

You’re very welcome to share your thoughts, needs, and impressions with the AODocs team via the User Community

Signing up to AODocs research group is another way to influence the future product releases, by taking part in interviews, usability tests, surveys, and much more! 

Thank you for helping AODocs to continuously improve!

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