Meet AOBox Share Google Drive Files with Anyone
Posted by Stéphane Donzé ● 6/6/18 10:10 AM

Meet AOBox: Share Google Drive Files with Anyone

Have you ever wanted to share Google Drive files and folders with non-Google Workspace users? Well, now you can with AOBox, the only application that allows anyone to access Google Drive files by authenticating via their existing Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live, or AOBox account.

Every year more and more businesses move their files from on-premise, legacy systems to the cloud for better security, agility, and collaboration. However, even in the cloud, barriers to collaboration can arise when files need to be shared between competing platforms. The next evolution in file management is the removal of these remaining hurdles, and AOBox is the beginning.

AOBox tackles a common headache: companies and individuals using Google Workspace and other Google tools are often working with networks of customers, partners and suppliers who are not on Google Workspace, creating chronic issues around version control and security. AOBox connects everyone, allowing them to share and interact with documents under one umbrella. AOBox’s collaborative features include permission-based uploading and downloading, as well as detailed activity logs.

Here’s a common scenario: a business uses one type of system for its document management (e.g., Google’s Workspace), and the business’s law firm uses another. And the business’s main supplier uses yet another. How do these organizations share important files? Bridging the divide by downloading and emailing documents presents myriad security risks, creates many duplicates of the shared documents, and usability also suffers. This is the current, siloed state of content management and file sharing; progress proves illusory when you have to work with a different “team.”

AOBox allows you to avoid people creating “rogue” accounts to work around sharing limitations. For smaller or less regulated businesses, this type of shadow IT approach may work. But many Google Workspace-based companies who allow rogue workarounds to flourish or become accepted operating procedure expose themselves to longer term issues around risk, compliance, and cost control - even if those workarounds take place on platforms like Box or Dropbox.

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