AOBox is the only application that lets you share Drive folders with people who don't have a Google account.

Security First

AOBox allows you to leverage Google’s industry-leading cloud security features to keep all your files safe. Share your files with anyone while still managing users and storing files exclusively within Google Drive.

Control How Long you Share

Maybe you only want a client to have access to a folder for a few days. With AOBox, you can share folders for a set period of time. 

Share your files with AOBox and Google Drive
Centralize your files on Google Drive

Centralized file management

Centralize all your files on Google Drive without worrying about how you’ll share them. With Drive’s secure cloud storage features and user-friendly interface, it’s easy to keep tabs on all your documents.

Set permissions

AOBox allows you to keep your documents secure by setting individual user permissions, so only select users will be able to work on your files while others are only allowed view them.



In three simple steps, allow non-Google users to collaborate with you in Google Drive


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