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Introducing AODocs’ New Business Process Templates

Have you ever wondered why Lego is so popular? Lego’s success can be boiled down to three core features:

  1. It’s easy to use.
  2. You get a simple guide showing you how to get started.
  3. It provides you with the flexibility to customize your creation.

Evidently, that’s a winning formula. We’ve aspired to bring that same kind of experience to AODocs. So, we’re excited to unveil our brand-new AODocs Business Process Templates!

What are Business Process Templates?

They’re ready-to-use, fully configurable business processes that allow you to get up and running faster. These configurable templates will help you and your team streamline your processes while still giving you the flexibility to tailor the templates to your organization’s needs.

Our first business process templates cover two common organizational pain points: Policies and Procedures and Contract Management.

Policies and Procedures: Certification audits just got simpler

Have you found yourself having trouble managing your company’s policies and procedures? Is your company trying to go paperless? Can you produce the proper documentation during an audit? Is the Houston office using the correct version of the HR procedures? The Policies and Procedures Business Process Template can help solve all these challenges.

You’ll be able to organize all your policy and procedure documents in one central location and ensure that all your key files are properly reviewed, updated, and published. This reduces the risk of accidental compliance breaches due to teams using the wrong procedures.

Improve Quality Management

If you’re working in quality management, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or other highly-regulated industries, these templates will help you manage all your company policies and workplace procedures from one central location. Since every action is tracked, you’ll have a complete log to show during your ISO 9001, GxP, and other compliance audits.

Streamline Sales and Marketing

Having a single place to store all your assets is enough of a benefit in itself. That’s just the beginning. With the business process workflows, you can ensure that all assets are properly reviewed and approved before being published. You’ll also have a complete log of who approved what to get rid of the potential for finger pointing down the road.

Helping HR

Centralize all your HR, hiring, and vacation policies. The workflows ensure that all policy updates are reviewed and approved in a compliant manner while notifications automatically alert employees when changes to HR documents are made so that they are never out of the loop.

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Contract Management: Simplify and streamline

Regardless of whether you’re big or small, you have to manage contracts with your clients, suppliers, contractors, and whoever else. This template allows you to store all your contracts in one centralized location, making them easier to find and manage. It also means that you get to say “bye bye” to your hard-to-track paper contracts while also becoming more environmentally conscious.

What’s in it for you? Digitizing everything lets you easily set permissions which help to ensure that nobody accidentally changes or loses a contract. You also gain the ability to create alerts that remind you when you have to renew or update your contracts.

Manage Your Vendors

This business process template helps organizations that deal with contracts save time and money. If you’re working with vendors or suppliers, or just need to better manage your own clients, this template will help you to easily create and review your contracts internally. The workflows will automatically push the contracts to the right internal decision makers to be approved. Once the big bosses give the thumbs up, you’re able to send the approved draft to your supplier or client to be signed.

Simplifying Things for Legal

In the legal industry? Then you know that things can be a bit more complicated. However, that doesn’t mean that this business process template won’t be able to help. With the template, you’ll be able to manage all your NDAs, client retainer contracts, and any other contracts that you’ve got from one place. Create fully auditable workflows that ensure that all the right people are reviewing and approving the contracts before signing them or sending them to clients. Another useful feature is alerts. The template will remind you when your clients’ retainer agreements are expiring so you can start the renewal process before it’s too late.

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How do I get them?

If you’re an existing AODocs Document Management or Application Platform customer, you already have access to them at no additional cost (if you're an Enterprise Folder customer, now's the perfect time to upgrade)! Simply click the “Create a new library” button in AODocs and you’ll be able to see all the available business process templates.

Not an AODocs customer? Try us out! We’ll definitely make your life easier. Visit our demo area, check out some of our introductory videos, or shoot us a demo request.

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