Connecting Workplace by Facebook with AODocs
Posted by Stéphane Donzé ● 5/3/18 4:41 AM

Connecting Workplace by Facebook with AODocs

Here at AODocs, we’re big fans of Workplace by Facebook. It is a great example of a technology that is helping enterprises make huge strides in the process of digital transformation. Workplace has already been adopted by over 30,000 companies since its launch in late 2016. One of those companies is AODocs. We’ve been using Workplace since launch and it has helped us to collaborate like never before, connecting everyone from our newest interns to myself, the CEO, on a single easy-to-use platform. Since we love to transform the way people work, it was obvious to us that we needed to make sure that AODocs could be integrated with Workplace.

Workplace by Facebook Integration Partners Unveiled

This week at F8, Workplace announced the first wave of integration partners that will be featured in their new directory of applications with native integrations with Workplace. AODocs is proud to be among the very first enterprise applications available in the Workplace Integration Directory alongside other leading technologies like Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox, and Box.

Introducing the AODocs Connector

We’ve called our Workplace app the AODocs Connector. With the Connector, when you post links to your AODocs documents in Workplace, you can display rich previews that include select metadata while also respecting each user's access rights. That means that previews will only appear to users who have the proper document permissions. Furthermore, the Connector also lets you easily pull any content posted in a Workplace group into AODocs. For example, employees can start an incident report process by simply posting a photo and description of the incident in Workplace.

As Workplace Ecosystems Partner Manager, Anand Dass, said on stage at F8 about the new Workplace integrations, "Consumer technology is changing and so should the work technology we’re using." We couldn’t agree more. We believe it is possible to build enterprise tools that people love to use while also helping organizations ensure their security and compliance. That’s why we created the AODocs Connector and why we’ll continue making enterprise content management intuitive for users.

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