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Ask a Cloud Expert: Bringing Companies to the Cloud

In this “Ask a Cloud Expert” interview, we sat down with Julie Dockx, Change Manager at Fourcast, to learn more about how they are building cultures of innovation for the enterprise by implementing Google Cloud solutions.

Can you give us a quick overview of your company and your role?

Fourcast is a Premier Google Cloud Partner focused on transforming the digital workplace and creating new customer experiences through Google Cloud technologies. Our “Workplace” department is focused on introducing new ways of working within companies by facilitating collaboration and increasing productivity through G Suite and its recommended apps. AODocs is a recommended for G Suite app that we frequently propose to our customers. As an enterprise content management platform, AODocs allows companies to build powerful, secure business applications without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience. We also have a department focused on helping big corporations create new customer experiences driven by Artificial Intelligence.

As a member of the Workplace team, I guide employees through the change process of moving to the cloud and provide change management services around G Suite. I’m also responsible for the deployment of AODocs at companies where processes are being re-designed and digitalized and who need native integration with their G Suite tools.

When and why did you join Fourcast?

After earning a degree in Marketing and Communications, I worked for several years in the Marketing department of a family business. My interest in technology and finding the best way to perform tasks and innovate processes led me to Fourcast where I could combine the best of both worlds. I joined Fourcast two years ago as the first female Change Manager.

What types of companies are you working with?

Our customers are located throughout Europe. All of the companies we work with have more than 2,000 employees. The industries range from retail to business services and manufacturing.

What problems are you helping them solve?

We work with companies in different stages of their digital transformation.

A company may have chosen to go Google and needs to move all of their business applications to the cloud. Their legacy SharePoint or Lotus Notes databases and workflows need to migrate to G Suite. This is where we bring in AODocs. We analyze the existing processes and often redesign them into more efficient and productive workflows. A lot of customer requirements are automatically taken care of by the AODocs technology.

When companies are making the move to Google G Suite, we set up transformation workshops to inspire employees by innovating their daily tasks and processes. This is where we pinpoint cumbersome processes that can easily be digitalized with AODocs.

Why do you work with partners like AODocs?

We align and collaborate with technology partners like AODocs to provide our clients with a complete solution when moving to the cloud. G Suite has a great set of tools to improve and innovate a business’s way of working. AODocs builds on top of G Suite to provide an enterprise with a comprehensive content management platform. Legacy content management systems like SharePoint or Lotus Notes can easily be ported to AODocs. In order to convince and support our clients in their move to the cloud, we need to have technology partners like AODocs which allows companies to go all in when they want to reimagine the way they work.

How do Fourcast and AODocs work together?

Both our sales and operations teams are in close contact. AODocs supports us and joins client meetings to provide answers on more technical product questions. Our change management team deploys AODocs, but when advice or support is needed, the AODocs team is always on deck to help out.

What value does AODocs specifically add for your customers?

I personally love G Suite tools like Google Drive and Google Forms that can be used to transform a company’s way of working. However, often companies need a more robust platform to manage and automate business processes. In order to fully make the move to Google, many of our clients rely on the extra functionalities that AODocs offers.

Can you illustrate a specific customer example?

There are many different use cases for AODocs - contract management and legal dossiers with mail filing or investment procedures are uses cases I often see with our customers. These processes can be integrated with CRM or HR software by using AODocs’ APIs. At one customer, we made a Procedure Library with AODocs to keep track of all procedures used at the company. This library is re-validated and approved according to the specific procedure or use case requirements. The result is seamless, secure management of all procedures.

What are your favorite publications to read for business and technology?

I find a lot of inspiration on the Women Techmakers blog. Not to be ‘cliche’, but women in tech are hard to find, so it’s always nice to align and learn from my peers. I’m also a member of different LinkedIn Groups on topics like Google, G Suite, and change management. Last but not least, I read different reports from McKinsey and Gartner on business strategy and technology. Specifically for change management, whether for a G Suite and/or AODocs deployment, I found this article from Gartner a very good framework for how to create enterprise-wide change.

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