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Posted by AODocs ● 3/31/21 11:51 AM

AODocs Announces Launch of Release 55

Release 55 features an extensive UI and UX revamp, enhanced automation capabilities with calculated settings, and new opportunities to collaborate with external users.

For the AODocs team, each release launch is more exciting than the last as we strive to get ahead of the evolving needs of our customers to bring you a business process and document management system for Google Drive and Workspace that grows with your company. With each product update, we aim to provide the greatest possible experience for AODocs users from all types of organizations, across all departments and use cases. 

Release 55 is no exception, complete with design revamps, advanced low code offerings for increased automation, and more custom configuration possibilities than ever before.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights, coming to you in mid-April!

Continued UI and UX enhancements

Release 55 kicks the user experience up a notch from our previous release. Our teams have rebuilt the document views page from the ground up to bring you a sleeker, more streamlined interface. The updates include:

  • Revamped properties display, including less intrusive filters for cleaner page viewing
  • Infinite scrolling for user-friendly experience
  • Supplemented filters to include additional operators, i.e. multiple values for States, Classes, and Reference catalog
  • Customizable columns so users can create their own personal views 

UX enhancements

Note: As we continue to refine the new layout to include all the necessary features, the former views interface remains available. Users are invited to test the new interface and provide any feedback via the link provided directly on the platform.


New and improved low code configurations

Release 55 takes calculated properties even further to bring you enhanced automation capabilities and the most efficient interface version to date.   

Adapt to user modification

Calculated settings allow users to build more relevant forms that adapt to the user’s input. Thanks to a simplified syntax, and improved calculated formulas, creating and configuring forms has never been easier. 

To make it even better,  calculated property values are now evaluated in real-time: you can see the results of the formula evaluation “live” when you’re editing the document form. Finally, calculated titles are out of beta and available for all users! Defining naming conventions for your documents is a breeze thanks to JavaScript formulas.

Calculated properties real-time

Heightened configurations and rebranded content for administrators

When requesting access to a Google Drive resource managed by AODocs, library administrators are notified via email. This process has undergone a complete makeover, with a revamped template that includes:

  • Rebranded content with a responsive, mobile-friendly layout
  • Personalized message shared by the user
  • Separate notifications for file and folder sharing

New UX enhancements for library administration also include new placeholders for templates and workflow emails, including a thumbnail image of the sender with more specific sub-level category values.

In addition, administrators can now easily configure views where documents from multiple classes should be displayed, by pre-filtering documents based on the lists to which they belong. 

sharing request old

sharing request new

For More Information

These are just a few of the key enhancements that will be made available to customers with AODocs Release 55, but there is much more to discover. 

Check out our complete Release Notes for Release 55 for more information.

View the full release notes

What’s Next?

As we keep our foot on the gas in preparation for Release 56, we invite you to share your thoughts, needs, and impressions with the AODocs team. Feedback from our user community is key to helping us continue to improve and better serve your needs.

If you’re seeking new functionalities to further improve your experience in AODocs, please head over to our User Community and tell us a bit more about what you are looking for from future releases.
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Thank you for helping AODocs to continuously improve!


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