Easily build business applications with AODocs Application Platform
Posted by Bonnie Bailly ● 9/5/17 12:31 AM

Easily build business applications with AODocs' Application Platform

We’re excited to announce the release of the AODocs Application Platform, providing everything you need to easily build powerful business applications in just a few hours, without having to rely on IT. Whether you work in Quality, HR, Legal, Operations, Procurement, R&D, Marketing, or Sales, our Application Platform allows you to:

  • Quickly create and manage documents from Google Forms — Our Google Forms integration allows you to easily collect information (even from external users without a Google account) and secure this data in AODocs, managing document review, validation, and processing.
  • Manage document retention — Be sure to comply with your company’s regulations by — defining retention rules based on document type and using custom metadata to set the appropriate retention start dates; preventing business records from being modified or deleted during their retention period by automatically setting sharing permissions to read-only; and choosing if you’d like the removal process to be done automatically or manually.
  • Transmit documents securely — Send multiple documents to external parties in a single email, regardless of the size of the data you need to transmit; Keep copies and audit traces of all the transmittals sent to your partners, suppliers or government agencies; and track the exact version of sent documents to know exactly what was transmitted even if the corresponding documents have since been modified.
  • Watermark documents — Add custom headers and footers to your printed documents to ensure employees always use the right version and comply with ISO 9001 and other standards; Protect confidential documents by preventing them from being printed without proper disclaimers and markings identifying who printed what when; and avoid accidentally using the wrong version of important documents by displaying version number and other metadata on all pages.
  • Build custom reports on your business process KPIs, user adoption, and any other AODocs activities — Boost user adoption by creating detailed reports to understand which libraries, use cases, and processes are most active and why; operate more efficiently by analyzing AODocs audit log data to compare process execution time across your company and eliminate bottlenecks; and create richer reports by combining your AODocs data with other systems.

With our new Application Platform, you’ll get all of these powerful features, in addition to the ones in our existing Enterprise Folders and Document Management licenses. See how they compare here.

Contact us today to see how you can transform your document management with the AODocs Application Platform.

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