The shutdown of App Maker is the opportunity to re-evaluate your business applications and their value within your organization

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Complete Business Agility

Build custom applications in a low-code environment, or rely on our ready-to-use applications to improve business processes.

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Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

Easily integrate with your existing Google solutions and other applications in a secure environment, for a seamless user experience.

Transform, Enhance, or Replace Legacy App Maker Applications

Whether you want to transform your App Maker apps into custom, low-code applications or replace them altogether, citizen admins will have the tools they need to effectively improve daily business operations.

Accelerate Business Workflows and Scale Critical Operations

Build content-rich business applications and workflows in minutes with AODocs low-code environment for solutions that address your unique business needs, with comprehensive security and compliance capabilities.

Information Agility
Form Publisher

Turn Google Form Submissions into Docs, Sheets, Slides & PDF

Enable simple set up of form and document workflows to automatically generate formatted sick leave requests, supplies requests, help requests, authorizations, registrations and much more thanks to Form Publisher.


Transform Google Sheets Data into Attractive Website Interfaces

Awesome Table allows any business user to easily display spreadsheet data in a more visually attractive form with interactive filters, full text search, and publication to website or intranet - no coding skills required.


Awesome Table - App Maker

The Start of Something New

The demise of App Maker is not the end of an era - it’s the beginning of something even better for your organization. Our professional services team is here to provide you with the tools to improve your business processes, and the support to ensure a smooth transition for your users.

Ready to Make a Change?

Once you understand your desired outcomes and associated requirements you can start to evaluate the available technologies at your disposal. Read this blog to understand more.

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