Contract Lifecycle  Management for Google Workspace

AODocs provides the only Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution tightly integrated with Google Drive and Google Workspace (Formerly known as G Suite). Google users finally have access to a CLM solution made specifically for them.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

End-to-End Automation for Your Contract Management Process

Contract lifecycle management automation dramatically reduces time to signature, while ensuring that contracts comply with your policies and processes.

From drafting and negotiating contracts to getting them approved, your legal and business teams will save time and effort with every step.

Once a contract is signed, AODocs' central contract repository and retention tool, along with its custom dashboard and reporting capabilities, allow legal teams to seamlessly manage obligations and renewals.

Buy-Side, Sell-Side, Corporate, or Employee Contracts: AODocs Has You Covered

The AODocs Contract Lifecycle Management solution can help you manage all types of contracts: Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Master Services Agreement (MSA), Statement of Work (SOW), sell-side contracts, buy-side contracts, corporate and M&A contracts, employee contracts, and so much more.

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AODocs Delivers Key CLM Features While Offering the Familiar Google Workspace
User Experience To Empower Real-Time Collaboration

Self-Service Smart Contract Creation

Self-Service Smart
Contract Creation

Empower your business teams to automatically and autonomously create contracts with appropriate templates and clauses, with minimal and more targeted legal involvement.

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Real-Time Collaboration for  Faster Contract Turnaround

Real-Time Collaboration for
Faster Contract Turnaround

AODocs’ integration with Google Workspace allows users to benefit from Google real-time collaboration to easily review and redline contracts.

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Approval Capabilities

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Mobile App


Approve contracts remotely at any time with the AODocs mobile application.

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Repository & Monitoring Capabilities

Contract Repository

Contract Repository
with Advanced Permissions

One centralized and secured cloud-based repository that gives you visibility across all your contracts, removes silos, and creates a single source of truth, along with granular permissions at the client level and/or contract level.

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Connect AODocs Sign

Connect AODocs with
DocuSign or Adobe Sign

Send contracts for e-signature directly from AODocs, keep track of signature status, and automate the filing of signed contracts in your centralized repository.

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Security and Compliance

AODocs runs on the Google Cloud Platform, leveraging its state-of-the-art security, reliability and performance.
AODocs is SOC 2 certified, GDPR compliant and HIPAA compliant.


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Contract Lifecycle Management for Legal Teams