Secure Document Sharing: How to Securely Share Business Files
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Secure Document Sharing: How to Securely Share Business Files

Secure document sharing is something that should be a priority for all organizations. You can’t have your sensitive business files out there for the world to see. That is especially true for White Oak Security, a boutique IT security firm based in Minnesota. They specialize in in-depth technical tests of enterprise software, infrastructure, and processes to find risks and vulnerabilities. As a security firm, White Oak Security needed to find a secure way to share their files that contained extremely sensitive security information.

The Struggle to Share

It’s no surprise that security is crucial in the IT consulting industry. While White Oak Security focuses on finding vulnerabilities in its clients’ IT systems, detecting those problems is just the beginning. They then have to share what they’ve found. However, sharing this extremely sensitive information must be done with security in mind. Sending a large file full of critical security vulnerabilities without proper protection is not an option. It’s far too big a risk for everyone involved.

To share their findings with their customers, the White Oak Security team was spending two to three hours creating custom secure file sharing systems for each customer. These systems included transferring reports using a secure file transfer protocol server, encrypted email solutions, and more. Not only were these processes painfully time consuming, but they also didn’t provide the professional image that White Oak Security deserved.

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Finding a Solution

Obviously, White Oak Security had to resolve this. They needed to find a tool that would allow them to securely share their sensitive documents so that their clients could feel that their data was being well taken care of. However, this solution also needed to be user-friendly. Since White Oak Security was already using Google Workspace as their cloud storage solution for their internal documents, they wanted to find a tool that would be compatible. It makes sense since Google Workspace’s strong security features were one of White Oak Security’s reasons for putting their files in the cloud in the first place.

“There are a lot of the secure email tools out there and, while they function, they are a nightmare to work with.” - White Oak Security's Vice President, Sales & Marketing

After some searching, White Oak Security came across AOBox. When they discovered its close integration with Google Drive, it became clear that it was a tool that they at least needed to try. After testing it, it was AOBox’s strong security features that had them sold.

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How AOBox has Helped

Since adding AOBox to their business, White Oak Security has already completely integrated it into their processes. Now, they share data with their clients exclusively using AOBox. Once the security testing process begins, White Oak Security puts the initial file in an AOBox folder and shares it. Next, they upload the final report to AOBox for the client to download before removing it from the folder.

“If you’re using Google Workspace and need to give access to files, AOBox is an excellent tool. While Google provides some features, it isn’t as professional or secure when compared to AOBox.” - White Oak Security's Vice President, Sales & Marketing

With AOBox, White Oak Security has been able to save themselves hours of work while also providing their customers with secure access to their reports on their desktop or mobile device. After using AOBox for only a few months, White Oak Security has already begun to see the benefits. The tool’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use for staff and clients while its security features negate the risks associated with transferring sensitive information.

Before AOBox, White Oak Security was spending a few hours setting up custom third-party file sharing solutions. Now, they are saving that amount of time on every project. Those time savings add up. On weeks when the company is working on six projects, they save up to 18 hours. Over a calendar year, that means that White Oak Security can save up to 936 hours (or 39 full days) of work by using AOBox. That’s a lot of valuable time that can be used to work with on other projects and find new clients.

If you want to see how AOBox can save you time by helping you securely share your documents, sign up for a free trial.

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