Automate Security & Compliance for Google Drive with AODocs and BetterCloud
Posted by Stéphane Donzé ● 7/22/20 7:45 AM

Automate Security & Compliance for Google Drive: AODocs & BetterCloud

Data security and privacy continue to be topics that garner a lot of attention. Yes, we’ve moved on from inboxes full of GDPR and CCPA related headlines but news of further security breaches still come thick and fast - just look at the Twitter hack that happened this week.

And these topics are important for good reason. These issues are more important than ever for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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At AODocs, a document management and business application platform built on top of Google Drive, we are all about helping companies control their documents and improve security and efficiency, without sacrificing user experience. Helping you comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA is naturally part of our mission - but there is more. 

Many companies are using AODocs to centralize their documents, automatically detect and manage files containing personal information, and apply retention and disposition policies. Beyond helping them achieve compliance, AODocs allows these companies to improve efficiency and significantly reduce costs.

Securing Google Drive

But what about the documents that your users leave in Google Drive and never put into AODocs? This scenario poses major risks to the enterprise as these documents are not controlled. Imagine if someone in your HR department accidentally put a document containing sensitive personnel information in their Drive and the file accidentally gets shared to a large group. This could have some pretty serious repercussions.

That’s why we’ve partnered with BetterCloud, a SaaS operations management platform that allows companies to monitor content in Google Workspace and Google Drive and enforce the proper policies automatically. With a powerful content analysis engine, BetterCloud scans your Google Drive and detects files containing sensitive data, including personally identifiable information, which are not controlled by AODocs. You can then create policies that automatically alert your administrators and make sure these documents are secured by putting them in the right AODocs library. AODocs then allows for proper document ownership, permissioning, and retention and disposition rules.

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A Secure Future

Given the need for companies to identify, audit, and repair breaches as required under GDPR and CCPA, this integration will continue to be important for a long time. The user-friendly platforms of both AODocs and BetterCloud make it easy to automate security and compliance, freeing up your employees to focus on business critical issues, and strengthening your information security from all angles.

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