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Google Docs API & AODocs: Business process automation in minutes

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the public release of the Google Docs API since its preview at Cloud Next in July 2018. Now, it’s finally here! Just this week, Google announced the general availability of the Docs API that will help businesses better automate their processes with document-based workflows.

At AODocs, we’re all about business process automation because it allows organizations to improve efficiency, eliminate human error, and ensure compliance. Documents are the lifeblood of these processes. With the Google Docs API, processes in AODocs can update the content of documents, from contracts to policies, invoices, and more, as they progress through their lifecycle.

Here are a few processes that are very popular amongst our customers that will be greatly enhanced by this API:

Contract Management

Nearly every department in every business is losing time and sacrificing accuracy in their contract management practices. While AODocs customers are already far better off than most, the Docs API facilitates even more possibilities for automation. With the Docs API, users can use standardized templates to automate contract creation based on chosen metadata and customize these contracts with user input or business rules. This provides an end-to-end contract management solution through which users can automate the creation of any contract without involving their legal teams. For example, with our ready-to-use Contract Management template, users can generate a NDA from a standard template simply by inserting the partner company's name along with other metadata.

Policies & Procedures

For those working in quality management, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or other highly-regulated industries, document control is a must. With the Docs API, users can easily add headers, footers, and other document control information into existing policy and procedure documentation to ensure that employees don’t use the wrong version of a document by mistake. This is a key requirement of ISO 9001 and other industry standards. Just like with contract management, AODocs provides ready-to-use templates for all Policies & Procedures that provide rapid time to value.

Digital Asset Creation

Beyond automating document creation and processes, the Docs API lets users create documents from a variety of assets stored in their business systems. For example, a sales rep can quickly create a customized presentation by pulling different assets (that have each been validated and published via an AODocs workflow) and the prospects name and logo into the document. The Docs API assembles all of these elements into well-designed documents that can then be sent to the prospect.

Let us show you what AODocs can do for your business with the Docs API. There are many use cases that we’d love to explore with you in a discovery call or demo. Let us know how we can help!

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