Essilor promises process automation in three months, thanks to AODocs
Posted by Bonnie Bailly ● 10/9/17 1:13 AM

Essilor promises process automation in three months, thanks to AODocs

Essilor is the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, employing over 60,000 people across the globe, with the mission to improve life by improving science. They moved to the Google platform in 2012 to support their acquisition strategy and enhance collaboration among employees.

In 2016, the group’s IT decided to completely shut down its Sharepoint infrastructure and found that AODocs was the perfect platform to manage its documents and intranet on top of Google Drive. In less than 11 months, Essilor was able to completely shut down its legacy platform. They migrated more than one million documents and integrated over 5,000 users on AODocs, which allowed them to shut down more than 20 servers in the group.

Essilor first implemented AODocs for its Quality department, which needed to meet ISO requirements and maintain better control of document lifecycles. Their Finance and HR departments use workflows in AODocs to improve their investment approval processes and personnel requests. Now more than 9,000 people are using AODocs across all departments, and Essilor is seeing this user base grow everyday.

AODocs brought Essilor agility, flexibility, and cost savings. Essilor now offers a simple workflow service to all users with the promise to deliver process automation within three months. Business owners can manage workflows on their own instead of having to go to IT, saving the group a lot of time. By shutting down Sharepoint and over 20 servers, Essilor delivers projects that used to take years in just a few months.

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