AODocs helps increase business agility by replacing on-premise systems with a scalable SaaS environment that allows business users to build and control their content-rich processes.

Improve Information Agility

Deliver content to anyone, anywhere, on any device with stronger governance, management and control of your information and data assets.

Increase Process Efficiency

Improve workplace productivity through Increased automation capabilities, like digital process automation and robotic process automation.

Information Agility
Deliver Superior Service

Deliver Superior Service

Improve your customer experiences and strengthen or create new business partners and supply ecosystems.

Leverage Advanced Insights

Apply machine learning and AI to optimize your work and move toward advanced capabilities such as predictive insights for better, quicker business decision making.

Migration Capabilities

The first step to any successful digital transformation is digital migration. We provide migration of content, metadata, versions, permissions, etc. for legacy systems including Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, OpenText, LaserFiche, Documentum, CMOD, Box, Dropbox, and File Servers.

For a step-by-step, actionable plan to begin your digital migration project today, check out our eBook, The Essential Guide to Digital Migration.

Migration Capabilities

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