For many Google Workspace customers, App Maker has been the low-code platform of choice for rebuilding legacy applications, creating custom business applications, and taking core business processes to the cloud. For others, it’s been a pointed dispute as to whether or not this type of “low-code” can really be considered a business-user friendly solution to rapidly solve business gaps.

Now, with App Maker sunsetting on January 19, 2021, and with any new applications blocked from being created on the platform, both groups are left to scout new and empowering alternatives to help them deliver business innovation quickly.

In this webinar, we help Google Workspace customers gain more clarity on how to continue “building apps that fill business gaps” beyond App Maker.

You will learn:

  • More about the App Maker alternatives currently on the market
  • How to align your use case requirements and outcomes
  • How to build no-code apps using AODocs

45 min


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