How to automate Property Management with AODocs FPI Success Story
Posted by Bonnie Bailly ● 9/29/17 1:06 AM

How to automate Property Management with AODocs: FPI Success Story

As a leading property management firm with over 3,000 employees and more than 100,000 units under management, FPI Management services clients from institutional investors, to international real estate investment firms, financial institutions, multifamily development builders, private investors, and more. A key business process for FPI is having its customers qualify and approve reliable tenants. A group of auditors is tasked with centralizing and reviewing tenant lease applications, more than 100 of which need to be approved every day.

“What I loved instantly about AODocs was that it was very straightforward. It didn’t require full-time programmers and it fit right into our Google Workspace environment.” — Kristen Hernandez, Sr. IT Director

Before AODocs, this process was pretty painful and time consuming. FPI wanted a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their Google Workspace platform and allow them to automate their lease application process, reinforce security, and ensure compliance by making sure that paperwork was accurate. They considered Microsoft Sharepoint, but realized the level of configuration would require too much time and too many resources. They ultimately chose AODocs because it fit perfectly on top of their Google Workspace environment and allowed them to best secure and streamline their business workflows and document management.

“We were able to establish our first library, copy the setup, and make changes to establish the additional libraries quickly. The support from the AODocs team from sales, to training and technical support has been phenomenal.” — Kristin Hernandez, Sr. IT Director

With AODocs, FPI employees now have an easy-to-use system that makes every part of their process run more efficiently. 4,000 lease applications were processed in just the first month alone thanks to AODocs. FPI is now creating and managing more than 50,000 lease applications each year.

Now that FPI has their lease application process up and running, they’re looking to AODocs to help bring better structure and automated workflows to improve processes within their departments.

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