DSF 20 ideas for 2020
Posted by Tony Majewski ● 11/25/20 10:40 AM

Document Strategy Forum: 20 Ideas for 2020 from AODocs

As we approach the end of what has been a relentlessly atypical year both in the professional world and beyond, in technology and across all industries, Tony Majewski of AODocs shares 20 key ideas for document management in 2020.

Watch the complete video to discover the unique developments, changes, and trends this past year has inspired, complete with predictions as we look forward to 2021.

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Here’s the rundown (skip straight to timestamps for more details):

  1. COVID has drastically changed the way we operate. (00:42)
  2. This evolving climate has provided a huge boost for the ECM/CSP industry. (02:11)
  3. The industries spending money have changed: retail is out, healthcare is in. (05:15)
  4. Digital transformation lost weight and work from home (WFH) became the focus. (07:15)
  5. This has led to a greater focus on employee well-being and increased employee empathy. (08:55)
  6. GSD (get stuff done) is the new RFP. (11:40)
  7. Physical conferences died, virtual has taken over. (13:58)
  8. WFH became a business tool, not an excuse for an easy day. (16:05)
  9. We’ve seen the return of the digital mailroom, and renewed focus on digitizing automated processes (AP). (17:40)
  10. Robotic Process Animation (RPA) came to play. (19:04)
  11. AI/Machine Learning outpacing traditional OCR. (20:27)
  12. Are Low-Code and No-Code still important? (22:55)
  13. 2020 has been a big year for M&A. Is Hyland turning into OpenText? (24:23)
  14. Leaders are growing, visionaries are struggling. (24:55)
  15. Hyland & Microsoft strengthen while IBM, Opentext, M-Files wane. (27:33)
  16. Legacy Modernization is still very much on the agenda for organizations. (28:30)
  17. SharePoint 2010 is still here in the year 2020. (30:42)

Now let’s start looking ahead!
2021 will be...

18. the year of intelligent content creation. (31:55)
19. the year compliance returns with a bang. (33:42)
20. the year of Touchless AI everything. (35:18)
21. the year that we recover. (36:32)

Discover the complete details on these ideas by checking out the full video below:


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