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AODocs and AppSheet Combine to Deliver Business Agility

On January 27, 2020, Google announced that it would be sunsetting the App Maker product. This announcement shocked many, especially the organizations that have used App Maker to rebuild legacy applications, create custom business applications, and take their core processes to the cloud.

In close proximity to this announcement came the news of Google's acquisition of AppSheet. While App Maker was low code, AppSheet is a no-code, mobile-first development platform.

Many organizations with existing AppMaker applications have struggled to find a sensible replacement platform, with AppSheet not providing an equivalent featureset to AppMaker. However, a solution is at hand - the AODocs and AppSheet integration.

AODocs to AppSheet Integration

We are delighted to announce this integration that can help deliver complete business agility, by seamlessly integrating existing Google applications to other solutions, all with no coding skills required. The AODocs to AppSheet integration provides:

  • Full integration between AODocs and AppSheet with two-way data synchronization
  • AODocs data can be displayed in AppSheet
  • Data entered in AppSheet can be stored and managed in AODocs

AppSheet and AODocs make a perfect combination when you need to easily put together business applications requiring a customized front end, a mobile application, and/or advanced forms with business logic, built on AppSheet, and a robust document management / business process backend leveraging AODocs' capabilities on document control, workflow engine, enterprise audit and reporting. Ideal use cases would include incidents reporting, sales and customer forms, employee onboarding, patient intake forms, and many more.

AODocs and AppSheet Integration AODocs and AppSheet Integration-1

Combining AODocs and AppSheet not only serves as a sensible replacement to AppMaker, but it also delivers significant additional benefits from the individual products. Whether you want to transform your App Maker apps into custom, low-code applications or replace them altogether, citizen admins now have the tools they need to effectively improve daily business operations.

It’s Not The End - It’s The Beginning

The demise of AppMaker is not the end of an era - it’s the beginning of something even better for your organization. With AODocs and AppSheet working in harmony you can provide

  • Top-tier, mobile-first user experience powered by no-code custom apps, including offline support (thanks to AppSheet)
  • Strict compliance and document control, powerful workflows, and document management (thanks to AODocs)

The AODocs to AppSheet integration is part of the continuing integration of AODocs with Google’s product ecosystem, building on existing integrations to Google Drive, Google Workspace, Google Cloud machine learning modules and more. This is an exciting time at AODocs - and we’re only just getting started.

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