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All plans include a 14-day free trial.


Enterprise Folders

$48 / yr per user

  • Company ownership
  • Secured sharing
  • Search in folder
  • Pushed folders
  • Microsoft Office integration

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Document Management

$96 / yr per user

All Enterprise Folders features

  • Document metadata
  • Custom document views
  • Version control
  • Workflow
  • APIs and custom scripts


Application Platform

All Document Management features

  • Google Forms integration
  • Watermarking
  • Document transmittals
  • Records retention
  • Reporting dashboards

AODocs, when performance does not cost you an arm and a leg

SharePoint Online (E3)

Application Platform

Dropbox Advanced

Box Business Plus

Advanced permissions management

Integration with all file formats

Version control

Document metadata


Check-in check-out

Custom document views

Custom forms

Fine grained retention policies


$20 per user

per month

$16 per user

per month

$20 per user

per month

$25 per user

per month

Whatever your industry or department is, AODocs has a solution built for you.

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