Empower Your Students and Staff with a Modern Information Management Solution That's Tightly Integrated with Google Workspace

Document Management for Educators

Create a Connected Campus

Modernize and optimize the way your students and educational staff create, share, and access information. Maintain tight access controls to minimize privacy and security risks.

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Google Drive and Workspace

Reduce barriers to adoption as well as the risk from "Shadow IT" applications being used. Do it by offering users the familiar apps found in Google Workspace: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and more! 

Mobile App for Document Management

Freedom from the Desktop

AODocs includes robust mobile capabilities. The AODocs Mobile App works with the Mobile Versions of Google's Apps. Students and staff can view, edit, and share documents directly from connected mobile devices. 

Drive Meaningful Experiences

From the second a student applies to your institution, AODocs provides a user-friendly digital experience by streamlining application management, student onboarding, and other critical processes.

Simplify your Administration Processes

Automated document retention and disposal, as well as workflows, allow you to streamline custom administration processes, like hiring and fundraising, to increase productivity and decrease administrative spending.

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Set Sustainable Eco Trends

Implementing a modern, cloud-based platform not only saves time but also substantially reduces paper-intensive processes, allowing you to establish eco trends that resonate with staff and student values.

Automate Digital Publication

Control how documents are published to your school’s intranet and public website. AODocs automates the publication process so documents are quickly approved and properly validated before they’re published.

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